Education Center

Education Center

At Suncoast Mobility it is our goal to provide our clients with the knowledge to find the best product to suit their needs. Below are articles full of in-depth information on every sector of the mobility world including mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, recreational scooters, lift chairs, electric bikes and more. Please contact us to work directly with a mobility expert today. If you’d like assistance our staff of trained mobility experts will work directly with you to find your perfect fit. Please contact us to work directly with a mobility expert today.


About Suncoast Mobility

Talking to your Children about Disabilities

Responding to COVID-19 for People with Physical Disabilities

Results of Mobility Loss

New Products 2020

Mobility Scooter Safety During the Pandemic

Now Accepting Payment Plans

Discounted Demo Units and Specials

Travel Destinations for People with Disabilities

Mobility Device Accessories

Great Mobility Gifts for the Holidays

Starting Fresh in 2021

Repairing Your Mobility Device

Helping Loved Ones with Mobility Loss

The Truth About the Coronavirus Vaccine

Electric Bikes

An Introduction to Electric Bikes

The EWheels EW-Bam Supreme is a Top Tier Electric Bike

Introducing the EW-Rugged, an Electric Mountain Bike

Which Electric Bicycle is Right for You?

Folding Electric Bicycle -EWheels BAM EW-Folding

EWheels BAM Step-Thru

Mobility Scooter Information

Which Mobility Scooter is Right for You?

The Benefits of Folding Mobility Scooters

Are You Ready for the Benefits of a Mobility Scooter?

New Product Lines for 2020

Mobility Scooters and Airline Travel

Mobility Scooters and Cruise Ship Travel

Recreational Scooters: Ride in Style

Caring For Your Mobility Scooter Battery

The Best Mobility Scooters for Adults

EW-11 Euro Scooter

Introducing the Golden Technologies CarryOn

The Best Mobility Scooter for Road Trips

EV Rider Transport AF Plus

Enhance Mobility Transformer Auto Folding Scooter

EV Rider Transport Move

What to Do if Your Mobility Scooter Malfunctions

The Fastest Mobility Scooters

Golden Portable Scooters – Amazing Unseen Features

Disassembling Your Mobility Device

Golden Technologies Buzzaround Extreme

Best Mobility Scooters for Travel 2023

Power Wheelchair Information

Power Wheelchairs Explained

The Best Power Wheelchairs for Travel

The Right Power Wheelchair for Every Budget

Featured Mid-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy

Merits Health EZ-GO Power Wheelchair

Special Order Power Wheelchairs: Merits Vector, HD, and Velocity

Folding Power Wheelchairs

Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchairs

Rehabilitation Power Wheelchairs

The Most Popular Power Wheelchairs


Lift Chair Information

Introduction to Lift Chairs

Our Number One Bariatric Lift Chair

Selecting the Perfect Lift Chair

Additional Lift Chair Features

Choosing the Right Lift Chair Fabric

Using Lift Chairs to Avoid Injury

Golden Technologies Comforter PR-535 with MaxiComfort

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

The Best Lift Chairs for Sleeping

The Newest Lift Chair Fabric: Brisa

The Most Popular Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs for Pregnancy and Childcare

Introducing Golden Technologies Lift Chair Comfort Zones


Home Care Beds

The Benefits of a Home Care Bed

Home Care Bed Options

Semi-Electric and Full-Electric Home Care Beds

Avoiding Injury with a Home Care Bed

The Best Bariatric Home Care Bed



Types of Lifts We Offer

EZ Carrier Lift Options