Reasons to Support Small Businesses

Here at Suncoast Mobility we are a woman owned small business. Small businesses continue to make up a large portion of our economy and although local small businesses are often considered the underdogs, the pros of supporting a small businesses pack quite a punch. Covid-19 has left an unimaginable mark on the global economy and small businesses are no exception. Below we will breakdown why we think it's a great idea to support small businesses.

Stimulate the Local Economy

Shopping local and supporting small businesses cycles money back into your local community. Most Americans shop at large chain stores because they feel they have the best deals and they can also find whatever they are looking for. However, there are numerous reasons why buying local is better.  It's not only better for your community but also for your wallet. The sale taxes from local businesses support the local government which is then reinvested into the community you live in. Large retailers often receive tax breaks from local governments and the same breaks aren't passed on to local businesses. Investing money into a chain your local community won’t reap any of the benefits.

Giving Back To The Local Community

Small businesses often play a significant role in supporting local charities and causes. Local businesses benefit from a strong community and the owners tend to be more engaged members of the community themselves. Small businesses often donate more than chain businesses to local nonprofits and causes. This created a cycle of giving back locally. Suncoast Mobility has donated multiple mobility products to local seniors in need over the years and has every intention of continuing this program with support from people like you.

Small businesses support the local community.

Outstanding Customer Service

When it comes to being a small-business owner every purchase and positive review matters. Small business owners value every one of their customers and their very livelihood is reliant on your happiness and satisfaction. Unlike most big chains small businesses hire people with a deep knowledge of the products they offer. They take the time to really get to know their clients needs and have a deep drive to create an overall pleasant experience. If an issue does arise rest assured our mobility experts will step in and you won't have to rely on a robot for assistance. 


Woman Owned Small Business

Women have been making massive strides in the world of business and it is refreshing to see. Your support of a woman owned small business is critical not only to the specific business but to the economy as a whole. Not only are you supporting their dream, but you are showing the daughters of tomorrow that they have a seat at the table and that anything is possible in the world of entrepreneurship. Be sure to share your favorite women-owned businesses with your friends and family. Leaving a review will aid in getting the word out and is one of the most powerful ways to show your support.

Support local business badge.

Innovation And Growth

For a small business to stay afloat they need to stand out from their big retail competition. Small-business owners have to often times become innovative entrepreneurs. This means conjuring up innovate ideas for solutions to problems and accounting for each customers’ specific needs and situations while assisting them.

Support an American Dream

The American dream is essentially the opportunity that any American should be able to achieve their highest individual goals. Small-business owners follow this dream every day of their lives. By supporting small businesses you’re supporting genuine people who have put their passions ahead of everything while they pour their heart and soul into the business they are running. More than ever it’s time to everyone to support small businesses nationwide.

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