Service Contracts

In-Home Service Contracts

An in-home service contract simply means if you encounter a technical issue with your unit a technician will be sent into your home to make the appropriate repairs. We ask that all clients please contact us directly to start this process. Most service contracts are good for up to one year, but additional years can be purchased to extend your coverage on certain brands. Below is the process to redeem your in home service.

  • Contact us with your serial number and details on what is happening with your mobility device. Please be as descriptive as possible. Photos or video may also be needed.
  • Once we are made aware of the issue we will contact the manufacturer on your behalf. Within 24-28 hours a technician from the manufacturer will attempt to troubleshoot your issue over the phone first.
  • If the technician is unable to resolve the matter over the phone a service request will be generated. Once your request has processed a local technician will contact you schedule an appointment at your convenience to inspect or repair your device.
  • If parts are needed after the first visit the manufacturer will then ship them directly to the technician. Once the parts have arrived a second visit will be scheduled your convenience to complete the repairs.

All Golden Technologies units come with a one year contract at no additional cost to you. Each Enhance Mobility product will also come with a one-year contract that is paid for by Suncoast Mobility (this can be upgraded to two years for an additional fee). Both Merits Health and Shoprider will also come with a one year service contract in place at our expense. Unfortunately all EV Rider and EWheels products do not come with a service contract of any kind, we apologize for this inconvenience. We do however have a deep nationwide network of technical experts that we could us in aiding the client in getting the appropriate repairs made. If you would like to speak with a highly qualified customer service representative regarding these contracts please please call us at (727) 537-6275 today.