Collection: Power Wheelchairs - Folding Power Wheelchairs

In the quest for enhanced mobility and independence, electric power wheelchairs have become indispensable companions for individuals with limited mobility. Suncoast Mobility, a trusted name in the mobility solutions market, offers a diverse range of folding power wheelchairs that combine portability with cutting-edge technology. In this article, we delve into the world of electric wheelchairs, exploring the features, benefits, and the potential coverage provided by Medicare.

Understanding Electric Power Wheelchairs:

Electric power wheelchairs, often referred to as power wheelchairs, are designed to provide individuals with mobility challenges a means of independent movement. Unlike manual wheelchairs, electric folding wheelchairs are equipped with a motorized system that allows users to navigate effortlessly, whether indoors or outdoors. These devices are particularly beneficial for those with limited upper body strength or endurance. 

Suncoast Mobility's Offering:

Suncoast Mobility boasts an impressive collection of folding electric wheelchair, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Among the featured products are the Golden Technologies Cricket and Stride, Mobility Geo Cruiser Elite EX, Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser LX and DX, and EWheels EW-M47, EW-M43, and EW-M45. These models vary in weight, speed, travel range, and additional features, ensuring that users can find the perfect fit for their lifestyle. Due to the folding technology used in these products they do tend to run more expensive compared to their non-folding counterparts. Some top-of-the-line models are the EWheels EW-M43 and the EWheels EW-M45. Whether you are looking for a tight turning radius, folding functionality, or any other popular features in your mobility device, we'll help you find it.

Power Wheelchairs Covered by Medicare:

A common concern for individuals exploring mobility solutions is whether power wheelchairs are covered by Medicare. While Medicare does offer coverage for certain mobility aids, it's crucial to understand the eligibility criteria and the specific requirements for coverage. In many cases, foldable power wheelchair are covered if they are deemed medically necessary and prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Accessories for Power Wheelchairs:

To enhance the functionality and comfort of power wheelchairs, a variety of accessories are available. Suncoast Mobility recognizes the importance of personalizing mobility solutions, and their collection includes accessories such as customized cushions, weather-resistant covers, and additional storage options. These accessories not only improve the overall user experience but also contribute to the longevity and performance of the power wheelchair.

Navigating Medicare Coverage for Power Wheelchairs:

Understanding the intricacies of Medicare coverage for power wheelchairs is essential for potential users. Medicare typically covers the cost of a power wheelchair if the following criteria are met:

  1. The individual has a medical need for a power wheelchair.
  2. The power wheelchair is prescribed by a healthcare professional.
  3. The individual is unable to operate a manual wheelchair effectively.

It's crucial to work closely with healthcare providers to ensure that all documentation and requirements are met when seeking Medicare coverage for a power wheelchair. Suncoast Mobility's team is also available to assist customers in navigating the process and finding the right solution.  


Electric power wheelchairs have revolutionized the concept of mobility for individuals facing physical challenges. Suncoast Mobility's commitment to providing top-notch solutions is evident in their extensive collection of folding electric wheelchairs. Whether you prioritize portability, advanced features, or a combination of both, Suncoast Mobility has a product to meet your needs.

Moreover, the potential coverage provided by Medicare adds an extra layer of accessibility for those seeking reliable and cost-effective mobility solutions. By understanding the eligibility criteria and exploring the range of accessories available, individuals can customize their power wheelchairs to suit their unique requirements. Suncoast Mobility stands as a reliable partner in this journey, offering expert advice, competitive prices, and a commitment to empowering individuals to regain their freedom of movement.

Not sure what you are looking for? We understand that as well. Check out our Education Center or contact one of our mobility experts to assist you in finding the features that match your needs and budget. Rest easy knowing that many of our mobility options come with a one-year in-home service contract at no cost to you.