Power Wheelchairs Explained

Power mobility products permit individuals to move within their home and community. They aid in maximizing independence for those experiencing limited mobility but are looking to regain their freedom. The two major types of power mobility products are mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. When deciding which is best for you it depends on the end-users’ needs, abilities, and overall lifestyle. Below we will discuss a few of the benefits of power wheelchairs that should aid in making the right decision for you.

Seating Options

Power wheelchairs overall offer more options when it comes to seating. For users who require positioning for stability, most power wheelchair seats can be equipped with cushions and additional positioning features. Most seats featured on power wheelchairs are overall more comfortable creating a more pleasant ride compared to their mobility scooter counterparts. Seat sizes can also be upgraded to fit every potential client.

Distance Traveled

Both power wheelchairs and mobility scooters allow the end-user to travel long distances. If a client is currently using a manual wheelchair this will obviously enhance their mobility and lifestyle as a whole. It will also aid them in regaining their overall freedom and be less reliant for others to get from point A to point B. We offer a few great options to use during travel that will insure your independence such as the LiteRider Envy which dissembles and the EW-M45 Folding Power Wheelchair which conveniently folds. Both of these units are compact enough to be stored in the trunk of nearly any automobile.

Less Work

Using a power wheelchair is crucial to conserving a client’s energy. A power wheelchair allows clients the freedom of mobility within their home and community without expending a lot of energy. Controlling a power wheelchair is leaps and bounds easier instead of having to steer a mobility scooter. As you may know power wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick whereas most mobility scooters are controlled by a throttle located on the scooters tiller.

Space Savers

A major difference between power wheelchairs and mobility scooters is the turning radius. Power wheelchairs almost always have a smaller turning radius. A tight turning radius is very important when it comes to using the unit in a home with small hallways and rooms. The compact turning radius makes power wheelchairs ideal for use in your home, grocery stores, malls, and the doctor’s office.

Types of Wheel Drives

Power wheelchairs feature the benefit of traveling over a variety of terrain because of certain tire types and wheel positions. The most common position is rear-wheel-drive like the LiteRider Envy. This means the larger wheels are located in the back and the smaller casters are in front. This provides increased stability when driving both indoor and out. Much like rear-wheel-drive power wheelchairs some do come with front wheel drive like the Alante Sport. Last but not least are center wheel drive power wheelchairs like the Compass Sport. This means the large wheels are located in the center of the power wheelchair. This changes the center of gravity of the unit and helps when maneuvering over obstacles. The center wheel drive also creates an ultra-tight turning radius for use in close corridors.


Contact us today to speak with one of our mobility experts about your lifestyle and your specific needs top regain your freedom. Our mobility scooter experts are highly trained and taught to focus on every potential client’s needs. This allows our staff to get you in the right mobility scooter for your lifestyle the first time.

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