Does Medicare Cover Power Wheelchair?

Does Medicare Cover Power Wheelchair?

Power wheelchairs have emerged as an excellent solution for people dealing with mobility issues. They may have suffered from a dangerous accident permanently immobilizing them, or they grew old. Due to which they cannot move actively without taking anyone’s help. Using a power wheelchair can solve this issue for them. 

However, people with limited budgets cannot cover all the costs of the power wheelchair. And they require some assistance from Medicare (an insurance program). Knowing does Medicare cover power wheelchair is critical for such people.

5 Aspects You Should Consider To Uncover Does Medicare Cover Power Wheelchair?

The following are the essential aspects of Medicare helping you discover does Medicare cover power wheelchair. 

Insurance Coverage From Medicare B:

You should first consider knowing about the second Medicare program, Medicare B. This insurance program covers many aspects, including the equipment for people with mobility issues. This equipment includes power wheelchairs, too. However, you must pass the specific criteria for people with mobility issues to be eligible for coverage. 

Certificate Of Medical Necessity (CMN):

The second vital thing Medicare requires from individuals seeking power wheelchairs is to know. If the person has a severe mobility issue due to which he cannot perform his daily activities. And needs full-time support, which is only possible by having a power wheelchair. It is vital to have a one-on-one meeting between the individual demanding a wheelchair and the doctor to ensure. He can provide you with a Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN), according to which the person’s case is medically approved. And a doctor has suggested using a power wheelchair. 

Kinds Of Power Wheelchairs Covered:

The third thing is that a person gets a written prescription from the doctor in which he tells about. The severity of the mobility issue and the need for a specific power wheelchair for the patient. Different kinds of power wheelchairs are available to meet particular needs of varying mobility issues. And Medicare covers all of them.  

Supplier Should Be Medicare User:

The fourth thing is to ensure that the supplier you want to purchase the power wheelchair is registered. Under the Medicare program; otherwise, you will not get the specific coverage mentioned in your insurance. When you buy a power wheelchair from a supplier registered under this program, you ensure to maintain your safety standards. And purchase the quality equipment that your doctor and health officer prescribe. 

Renting Or Purchasing? Your Choice:

The fifth thing is to decide first if you want to use the power wheelchair on rent or purchase one. Because, for permanent mobility issues, you just need a power wheelchair. However, if there are chances of your coverage and you want this equipment only for a specific period. Then using it on rent for a specific period is suggested. The Medicare program will cover the expenses only for a particular renting duration. 

Extra Costs:

The sixth thing is that the extent of coverage Medicare will cover of the expenses. Will be mentioned on your insurance program. Still, if you want to add any new feature for your comfort or the equipment requires extra charges. You may have to pay them all by yourself at your own expense.

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, does Medicare cover power wheelchair? It is crucial to know that Medicare fixes specific criteria and only gives insurance coverage to those who meet them. Going through several steps, a person should not lose hope and try to cover all the steps mentioned. In this guide to get the specific power wheelchair suggested by their doctor. You should also know about the Folding Power Wheelchairs.
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