Who Should Use a Power Wheelchair?

Who Should Use a Power Wheelchair?

Whether you’re considering a power wheelchair for yourself or a family member, Suncoast Mobility is here to help. Power wheelchairs are designed to assist people who have issues moving around without help. Considering a power wheelchair could be one of the best life-altering decision you have ever made. Not only would a power wheelchair make you more mobile, you would take back your quality of life and independence.

Who Should Use a Power Wheelchair?

  • Mobility Needs: you must under your own or loved ones daily mobility needs. If the intended user cannot walk long distances a power wheelchair could be a life changing investment for that person.
  • Overall Strength and Dexterity: If the intended user finds it difficult to  operate a manual wheelchair, switching to an electric wheelchairs could be the right move. Our analogy would be it is like selecting a car with automatic transmission over a manual.

Conditions and Disabilities

  • Wide Variety of Medical Conditions: Sadly there are many various conditions that could potentially lead to limited mobility. A power wheelchair can bring a newfound sense of freedom and independence to someone who has been relying on others for daily tasks.
  • Age-Related Mobility: In reality we slow down as we get older and sometimes needing  mobility device is due to age catching up with us. A  power wheelchair can brighten the golden years by ensuring your overall mobility doesn’t decrease as you age.
  • Temporary Mobility Setbacks: Power wheelchairs are solely intended for users with permanent medical conditions. People with temporary injuries can also benefit from  an electric wheelchair as they recover and heal.

Consider Your Lifestyle and Mobility Needs

  • Active Lifestyle: For those who are always on the go portable lightweight power wheelchairs are a blessing. They are perfect for shopping, events, or travel by airline or cruise ship.
  • Work and Home Environments: Mid-wheel drive electric wheelchairs feature some of the smallest turning radiuses and are great for tight space.
  • Outdoor Use: Heavy-duty power wheelchairs are designed to traverse multiple terrains.

Shoprider Smartie Disassembling Portable Power Wheelchair

Shoprider Smartie Disassembling Portable Power Wheelchair

Electric Power Wheelchair Benefits

  • Freedom: You will no longer have to rely on others help to get around. After purchasing your new electric power wheelchair you are now able to go wherever you'd like whenever you'd like. 
  • Customizable: You are able to select joystick mounting on the right or left and the seats are often times adjustable for your comfort
  • Various Types: From lightweight electric wheelchairs that are extremely portable to heavy-duty models for outdoor use. There is an electric power wheelchair for everyone.

Electric Power Wheelchairs Features

  • Transportability: Folding power wheelchairs will fold down to fit into most vehicles which will make travel a pleasure.
  • Comfort and Accessibility Features: Some models come with features such as: reclinable seats, adjustable armrests, and even elevating seats to reach shelving.
  • Durability: Power wheelchairs are built to last you many years. With proper preventative care your new power wheelchair will be reliable for years to come.

Whether it’s for a short-term need or a long-term lifestyle choice, electric power wheelchairs offer a blend of independence, versatility, and adaptability that can significantly improve quality of life. From lightweight models that can be easily transported in a car to more robust options for outdoor use, the right electric wheelchair can open up a world of possibilities. Remember, it’s about matching the chair to your lifestyle, ensuring that every day is as fulfilling as it can be!

    Selecting the Correct Power Wheelchair

    Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Power Wheelchair

    • Daily Activities: Always consider where and how often you’ll use the power wheelchair. If you plan to use the power wheelchair mainly indoors you should consider a compact design. If you plan to use the power wheelchair mainly outdoors you should consider a more heavy duty model.
    • Comfort: Check to see if the power wheelchair you are considering provides the right amount of support and comfort. This is critical if you’ll be spending long periods of time in the chair.

    Golden Technologies Compass Sport Mid-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

    Golden Technologies Compass Sport Mid-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

      Budget Considerations

      Power Wheelchair Cost

      • Quality of Life Investment: Pricing of certain models can vary widely. Keep in mind that you are investing in a mobility aid to significantly enhance your everyday life.
      • Price Range: There is a wide range of prices to consider while budgeting. Prices start around $1,300.00 and go north of $5,000.00.

      Assistance Options

      • Insurance: Some insurance plans cover part or all of the cost. It’s worth checking with your provider and you will most likely need a doctor's prescription. 
      • Assistance Programs: There are government and non-profit programs that may offer financial assistance if you meet their criteria.

        The Correct Power Wheelchair is Critical

        Selecting the correct power wheelchair is all about feeling comfortable. You want your new investment to be something that fits your own specifications. You aren't investing in a random piece of technology when buying a power wheelchair. You are making an investment in your overall quality of life. Don't worry, our mobility experts are here for you during your research phase.

        Mobility Experts

        • Professional Opinion: Speaking with one of our mobility experts  mobility could be very beneficial to you. Think of them as your personal guide through the wonderful world of power wheelchairs. They are on call to  offer suggestions and advice so you can make the right choice the first time.
        • Learn from Other Users: Consider speaking with people who already use power wheelchairs. You will most likely hear stories of them taking it through an airport, parks, and everywhere else in between. 

        Getting Around

        • Freedom: Power wheelchairs are more than simple tools to get from point A to point B daily. They’re your allies in gaining your independence and allowing you to enjoy all of life's moments without needing a helping hand. 
        • The World is Yours: After purchasing the correct electric wheelchair your life will become a tad easier. Whether it’s running to your local store or heading on the dream vacation, the correct power wheelchair makes it all a reality.

        Golden Technologies Cricket Lightweight Manual Folding Portable Power Wheelchair

        Golden Technologies Cricket Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair

        Suncoast Mobility: Power Wheelchair Experts

        Suncoast Mobility is a great resource to take advantage of when finding the perfect power wheelchair for your needs. They offer everything from folding lightweight portable power wheelchairs for quick trips around town to sturdy heavy-duty power chairs for outdoorsy folks. Not to mention they are experts at keeping you happy and satisfied with your choice for the long haul.

        • Up to Date Choices: Suncoast Mobility features the latest in wheelchair technology. The vast variety includes a little something for everyone. 
        • More than Just a Sale: At Suncoast Mobility it's not just about selling you a power wheelchair. We are here to offer insight and support to assist you in selecting a device that just right for your life.
        • Empowering You: The goal is to aid folks like live everyday life more independently. We want to make a real difference your life.
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