Mobility Scooters with the Best Suspension in 2024

Mobility Scooters with the Best Suspension in 2024

Mobility scooters of all sizes critical for people with limited mobility. They provide assistance in providing independence and overall convenience. For tackling rough terrain outdoors the most important feature to look into is a solid suspension system. This will enable a more comfortable and smooth ride while traversing all different types of terrains.

Your Suspension System and Overall Ride Quality

The suspension system (or lack there of) can significantly impact your level of comfort during use. A suspension system aids in absorbing bumps from rough and uneven terrain. This will make your ride much smoother and overall much more pleasurable. Having a mobility scooter with suspension is most important for people with joint and muscle pain. This will minimize discomfort and make your scooter use that much more enjoyable.

If you plan to buy a mobility scooter for off-roading adventures, a solid suspension system is critical. These scooters need to traverse various terrain like gravel paths, fields/ yard with small holes, and even some hills. Your suspension system is built to handle nearly all of the vibrations that occur while riding over the mentioned surfaces. A quality suspension system in an all-terrain heavy duty mobility scooter can help maintain stability and even prevent possible tipping.

Many of the smaller models on the market like compact travel mobility scooters, mainly folding mobility scooters more often than not do not include suspension. This scooter type are usually designed for smooth flat surfaces. This means there is very little need for shock absorption. Their primary design function focus is more on portability rather than tackling outdoor terrains. However, the Golden Technologies CarryOn does offer some sort of suspension, just not as complex as its bigger counterparts. If you are looking for a bigger mobility scooter that is still portable, Suncoast Mobility does offer some disassembling travel scooters like the Golden Technologies Buzzaround series. 

Golden Technologies Buzzaround LX Mobility Scooter Suspension
Golden Technologies Buzzaround LX 3-Wheel Suspension

If you do plan to use your mobility scooter mainly on flat surfaces like at shopping centers, airports, and your doctors office, a travel mobility scooter without suspension will work. However, if majority of your use will be outdoor on rough terrain an all-terrain scooter with suspension would be a better choice for your lifestyle. Often times people may consider owning one of each so they have nearly every situation covered.

Key features of Scooters with Suspension

High end mobility scooters come with numerous features that make them easy to use and efficient. Having a responsive suspension system to ensure a smooth rides is one of those features. Mobility scooters with suspensions usually come with a much longer battery life. This allows the users to travel much longer distances without needing to constantly recharge. These heavy duty off-road scooters tend to prioritize the users safety more than their smaller counterparts. These safety features include anti-tip wheels, excellent braking systems, and lights for visibility. These bigger model scooters offer more comfort as well. Such as adjustable seating and extra legroom. They also tend to have user-friendly controls which makes them easy even for people new to mobility scooters. These higher end scooters combine safety, performance, and comfort to one of the best riding experiences on the market.

Top 4 Mobility Scooters with Suspension

Below are our top 4 all terrain off road mobility scooters with full suspension systems in no particular order. We’ve selected the Golden Technologies Eagle, Merits Silverado Extreme, EV Rider Vita Monster, and Shoprider Enduro XL4 for you.

1. Golden Technologies Eagle

Golden Technologies Eagle All Terrain Mobility Scooter

The Golden Technologies Eagle is stylish yet rugged. It's off-road design is built for high performance and maneuverability while featuring front and rear suspension for smoothly traversing outdoor terrain. The powerful 140 Amp controller enables outstanding climbing ability as well. With a 5 inch ground clearance and top speed of 8 mph you can traverse various terrains with ease. With a 500 lbs. weight capacity this all terrain mobility sooter will accommodate most potential users.

2. Merits Silverado Extreme

Merits Health Silverado Extreme All Terrain Mobility Scooter

The Merits Health Silverado Extreme is well known for its full suspension system to provide a comfortable ride. With 5.1 inches of ground clearance and top speed of 9.6 mph, you can navigate many obstacles during your adventures. The 450 lbs. weight capacity, streamlined design, and LED lighting system add to the extensive list of features for this mobility scooter. Its battery boasts an incredible drive range of up to 55 miles. This durable all terrain scooter is a prefect choice for a person with an  on-the-move lifestyle seeking evening more adventure.

3. EV Rider Vita Monster

EV Rider Vita Monster All Terrain Mobility Scooter

The EV Rider Vita Monster features a double A-Arm front suspension and 3D rear suspension for a smooth ride and maximum shock absorption making tackling all types of terrains that much easier. The oversized 15″ x 6.3″ rear tires allow easy outdoor maneuverability while you are on your adventure. The Vita Monster’s top speed is 11.5 mph and includes a drive range of up to 28 miles per charge. The sporty 20″ captains seat and adjustable tiller while allow you to ride in comfort. Not many mobility scooters on the market featured a roll bar for added safety as well.

4. Shoprider Enduro XL4

Shoprider Enduro XL4 All Terrain Mobility Scooter

The Shoprider Enduro XL4 is an all terrain suspension mobility scooter that combines comfort and performance. With a 500 lb. weight capacity, delta style tiller, turn signals, wig wag paddle and horn, this mobility scooter is full of amazing features. The dual purpose wig wag paddles allows the user to push forward or pull back on the lever depending on their dexterity to make use even easier. The 20" captains seat that can accommodate most riders while swiveling and reclining for you comfort.

Suspension System Maintenance 

Taking proper care of your new mobility scooter’s suspension system is important for getting the smoothest and most comfortable ride from your all terrain cruiser. Below are a few suggestions to keep your scooter's with a suspension system in excellent condition:

Routine Inspections

Regularly check the suspension of your scooter for normal wear and tear. Look for cracked springs, fluid leaks, or strange noises from that area. Addressing these issues promptly may help you avoid any further damage and additional costs down the road.

Clean Them

You should clean your suspension system on your all terrain mobility scooter to prolong their life. Various debris can lead to wear and tear in the long run and regular cleaning should prevent buildup and extend the lifespan of your new investment.


Lubricate your scooter’s suspension system to ensure it runs smooth and free friction free. You can apply lubricant to the components on as needed basis. Always refer to your owner’s manual to see if they provide a lubrication schedule and products that may be recommended. This simple tip could save you big over the long term.

Schedule Maintenance

Regular check-ups with a licensed technician can help pinpoint any possible suspension issues before they morph into major situations. Seeking guidance from a local professional will aid you in keeping your scooter running smoothly and safely.


If you are an avid outdoors enthusiast who is in need for a new all terrain mobility scooter it is a must to look into suspension. Important factors (beside suspension) to consider before purchasing are weight capacity, comfort features, drive range, ground clearance, and safety features. The Mobility Experts at Suncoast Mobility will provide any needed guidance to to assist you in selecting the perfect device for your lifestyle. Feel free to call us anytime at 727-537-6275 or inquire here for your special pricing.

Always remember to take proper care of your scooter’s suspension system and your scooter as a whole to enjoy your new investment for many years to come. Save this article for future reference on how to care for your new all terrain device. Remember, seek professional help if needed to prevent major issues down the road.

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