Mobility Device Accessories

Mobility devices are useful and sometimes necessities for users. Something that can increase functionality and ease of use is mobility device accessories. Depending on your mobility scooter or power wheelchair there are different accessories available.

Travel Cases, Tiller Bags, Baskets

For those that would like a little extra storage, travel cases, tiller bags, and/or storage baskets are a great option. Storage bags can be attached to the front of your tiller, the side of your seat, or the back of your mobility device. You also have the option to buy multiple or all of these for the ultimate in storage. You can take all your belongings with you on the go!

Cup Holder and Cell Phone Holder

Many of us take our cell phones everywhere we go and one great accessory is a cell phone holder that attaches to the handles or tiller of your device. Cup holders that attach to the armrests are also available. This way you can take a refreshment with you wherever you travel.

Oxygen Tank, Cane, and Walker Holder

If you need assistance from a walker, cane, or oxygen tank, holders for those items are available. This will allow you to take your mobility scooter father than ever!

Scooter Cover or Seat Cover

Protective covers are available for both your scooter and seat. For those who want to preserve their scooter as long as possible, these are highly recommended.

Safety Belt

If you struggle with stability a safety belt may be the right accessory for you.


Safety Flag

A safety flag may make you more visible and be added for safety.

Car Charger Adapter

A car charger adapter makes recharging your battery on the go a possibility. That way if you need an emergency recharge you do not have to find an outlet to do so.

Extra Battery

An extra battery is a great option if you want to take your mobility device farther than a single charged battery typically goes. Also if you tackle more difficult terrain your charge may not last as long and a backup battery is a good option.

Accessories may fit some models and not others, so contact us today to see what accessories are available for your particular mobility scooter or power wheelchair.

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