Introducing the Golden Ally by Golden Technologies

Introducing the Golden Ally by Golden Technologies

Introducing the Golden Ally, a breakthrough in the world of mobility. This folding power wheelchairs allows you to experience freedom through its unique design that provides the strength and stability of a traditional electric wheelchair yet remaining ultra light weight and super portable. You will be able to easily maneuver many indoor locations with its 28.5" tight turning radius, but it is still sturdy enough for outdoor use so you can get back  to your nature adventures. Below we will discuss what makes the Golden Ally different, why we love it, plus key features and specs.

Golden Technologies Golden Ally Folding Electric Wheelchair in Black
Golden Technologies Golden Ally Folding Power Wheelchair

What Makes This Folding Power Wheelchair Different

The Golden Ally possess' a 2.4" ground clearance which allows the Ally electric power chair to tackle small obstacles and traverse multiple surfaces. This electric wheelchair includes intuitive user-friendly controls. This includes a programmable VR2 joystick that can be customized the user's personal preferences. This makes the driving experience far more responsive and comfortable. Since the Golden Ally is foldable it is extremely easy to transport and store. At just 49.5 lbs. without the battery and 56 lbs. with the battery, the Ally is one of the lightest folding power wheelchairs on the market. Once folded the Golden Ally will fit comfortably in most vehicles and in your home. 

The memory foam seat will conforms to your body which means personalized support and comfort. The comfort foam reduces pressure on your pressure points which will enhance your overall comfort during use. The high-performance removable lithium-ion battery provides a drive range of 9 miles on a full charge. Not to mention you can charge your device while on the move with the USB A and C ports conveniently located on the armrest. 

Golden Technologies Golden Ally Man Fishing
Golden Technologies Ally being used to fish

Why We Love It

The next-level system monitoring that includes voice alerts put the Golden Ally in a class of it's own. This feature keeps the user informed about the status of their electric wheelchair. This means the Golden Ally will provide immediate alerts if any issues pop-up. Another reason we love the Ally is the head and rear lights improve your visibility during use in low-light conditions or locations. The Golden Ally doesn't just look cool and perform amazing, but the fact that it can be personalized to suit your style and needs makes it revolutionary. We also hear all the time about people wanting more colors to choose from, well you are luck. This lightweight folding power chairs is available in White, teal, and black.

Golden Technologies Golden Ally Folding Power Wheelchair, Folded
Golden Technologies Golden Ally Folded

Standard Features

• Simple folding Mechanism

• Smart Control Mobile App

• Tight Turning Radius

• Memory Foam Seating

• Ergonomically Designed Seating & Foot Positions

• Removable Lithium-Ion Battery

• System Monitoring with Voice Fault Alerts

• Built-in Head & Rear Marker Lights

• USB A&C Ports on Arm Rest

Golden Technologies Golden Ally Folding Electric Power Wheelchair, Man at Table
Golden Technologies Golden Ally at the Table


Key Specs

• Drive Range: 9.00 miles

• Top Speed: 5.00 mph

• Heaviest Piece: 49.5 lbs. w/o Battery

• Turning Radius: 28.50"

• Weight capacity: 330 lbs.

• Total Weight: 56 lbs.

• Ground Clearance: 2.5"

• Frame Warranty: 5 years

• Drive Train Warranty: 13 Months

• Electronics Warranty: 13 Months

• Battery Warranty: 12 Months

• FREE One-Year In-Home Labor Agreement



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