Merits Health Vision Sport

The Merits Health Vision Sport is an amazing bargain for the price point. This power wheelchair is center wheel drive  allowing for a compact 20″ turning radius. This means the Vision Sport is perfect for maneuvering around an apartment, store aisles, and your home. You can also customize your riding experience with its standard height and width adjustable armrests. The user can also go the distance with a 18 mile driving range on a full charge. Feel free to take the Vision Sport out for a full days adventure.

The Vision Sport comes stock with full suspension which provides the user with an ultra comfortable riding experience. On top of the full suspension the footplate can absorb up to 250 lbs without tipping forward. Not only is it ultra stable, but you can also semi-recline your seat back to 135 degrees to add to your comfort. In conclusion this power wheelchair comes with tons of fancy features at a price that won’t break the bank.


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