EWheels EW-36 Elite

EWheels EW-36 Elite

The EWheels EW-36 recreational mobility scooter is a top tier unit at a bargain price. One major advantage to ordering this scooter, like all EWheels units, it comes fully assembled and ready to ride. It will arrive curbside in a large crate so please be sure you have a friend of family member to assist you if need be. Due to its unique design this recreational scooter is sure to turn heads as you cruise around your neighborhood. A great feature that sets this apart from other recreational scooters is the amount of storage. It features a large rear basket, a compartment under the seat, and a locking compartment located on the tiller.

The EW-36 can reach an impressive 18 mph top speed, up to 45 miles on a single charge, and electromagnetic brakes. Equipped with a front fork suspension and dual rear shocks you are almost guaranteed a smooth ride. This recreational scooter is also equipped with an anti-theft alarm system that is controlled by a key fob. This allows you to park your scooter and breathe a sigh of relief knowing your investment will not be stolen. The EW-36 could be just the recreational scooter to enhance your point A to point B travel.


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