EWheels EW-18 Stand-N-Ride

A unique recreational scooter that we offer is the EWheels EW-18 Stand-N-Ride mobility scooter. One major advantage to ordering this scooter, like all EWheels units, it comes fully assembled and ready to ride.  This scooter does not fold, but due to its size it is still transportable considering the seat is adjustable and removable and the tiller can fold down. The EW-18 also includes a super tight turning radius of only 22 inches making it ideal for tight spaces. Another feature that sets this apart from other recreational scooters is the overall design. The EW-18 boasts an impressive 15 mph top speed and up to 25 miles on a single charge. Equipped with free matching pouch for storage this recreational scooter is sure to turn heads as you cruise down the block.


Need Further Assistance?

Contact us today to speak with one of our mobility experts about your lifestyle and your specific needs top regain your freedom. Our mobility scooter experts are highly trained and taught to focus on every potential client’s needs. This allows our staff to get you in the right mobility scooter for your lifestyle the first time.

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