EWheels EW-54

The EWheels EW-54 offers tons of amenities usually only found in cars. A few of these features include a remote key fob, anti-theft system, digital dash, two stereo speakers, and full suspension. This coupe can go up to 15 mph with a distance of up to 45 miles on a full charge. With it’s six inch ground clearance and pneumatic tires the EW-54 can tackle a variety of terrains. This recreational scooter is also equipped with turn signals, cruise control, and a foot brake. You will feel as if you are driving a small car in this stylish scooter.

Who doesn’t like cranking some tunes? While enjoying your new EW-54 feel free to do just that on the to speaker stereo system. This recreational scooter is perfect for taking to your local store. Not only can you enable the anti-theft feature while you are in the store, but you can place your purchases in the rear storage compartment or under your seat. You won’t even feel like you are driving a recreational scooter when taking this unique unit a ride around town.


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