What is a Rehab Power Wheelchair?

What is a Rehab Power Wheelchair?

People with different types of disabilities cannot move from one place to another without someone else’s support. To break this barrier and let these people take part in every field of life like other normal people. Different new technologies have been introduced. One such advancement is rehab power wheelchairs. If you don’t know about what is a rehab power wheelchair? Then you’re missing the most important thing in your life. If you or your loved ones are suffering from moveability issues. 

A Perfect Guide To Know: What Is A Rehab Power Wheelchair?

A rehab power wheelchair is a special electronic mobility device. For people who cannot use their upper body like normal persons. As compared with traditional wheelchairs, rehab power wheelchairs are equipped with advanced features. Through this, controlling it is very simple and easy for people who have different disability issues. 

After properly examining the condition of such persons, these chairs are suggested by healthcare professionals and experts. So that people with disabilities can also maintain a healthy lifestyle. And can move freely without relying on others for help. 

4 Main Features Of Rehab Power Wheelchairs

After understanding what is a rehab power wheelchair? It is essential to know what separates these wheelchairs from traditional wheelchairs. The following are the main features of rehab power wheelchairs. 

Electrical Power Source

The first important feature of this power wheelchair is that it runs with electricity. Through this, a person can move his wheelchair to different positions easily. It is often very difficult for people with traditional wheelchairs to move their wheelchairs by themselves without taking anyone’s help. Now, using a rehab power wheelchair is proving beneficial for such people.

Adjustable Seat Options

The second feature is that the person can adjust his seat comfortably and sit in his favorite position. The user can also change his posture positions. And keep his legs and feet in a special resting place in the wheelchair when he feels hectic. These incredible options give the user the ability to move independently. And do his important tasks normally without feeling pain or discomfort. 

Flight Stick Controls

The third feature is that there is a special flight stick or joystick controller on the rehab power wheelchair. Through this controller, moving in different directions becomes very easy for the user, and he can control the wheelchair properly.

Useful For Indoors And Outdoors

The fourth incredible feature is that taking manual wheelchairs outside can prove difficult sometimes. But with rehab power wheelchairs, you can easily do your indoor and outdoor activities without feeling dependent. Controlling this amazing power wheelchair in rough areas is also smooth and simple. Making it the best option for people with mobility issues.

What Are The Three Types Of Power Wheelchairs?

After covering what is a rehab power wheelchair and its main features. It is time to understand the three important types of power wheelchairs. There are different types of power wheelchairs that people can use according to their specific requirements.

Standard Power Wheelchairs

This is the first and most common type of power wheelchair. It is basically a type of rear-wheel drive wheelchair, and you can use it for small-level indoor and outdoor activities. There is a flight stick, a normal seat with flexible adjustments, posture-changing, and movability features in a standard power wheelchair. People who have normal-level physical disabilities can use this type of power wheelchair. 

Complex Rehab Power Wheelchairs

The second type is complex rehab power wheelchairs. They are an advanced type of power wheelchair that provides incredible features. People who have extreme-level physical disabilities and cannot move properly are the main users of this type of power wheelchair. The user can use the advanced flight stick, adjustable seat, reclining and tilting positions, unlimited indoor and outdoor activities, etc. Features of this power wheelchair to get rid of different obstacles and difficult situations. 

Power Assist Wheelchairs

The third type is power assist wheelchairs. People who are not completely suffering from physical disabilities but can control their power wheelchairs. They are the best candidates for this power wheelchair. A battery powers the wheels. The speed of power assist wheelchairs is amazing. Power assist wheelchairs are attached to a traditional wheelchair, which then converts into a useful and improved chair.


To summarise, what is a rehab power wheelchair? It is a special mobility wheelchair for people who need assistance for moving and reaching different places. The different improved features make this power wheelchair reliable for such people. However, choosing a power wheelchair depends on different specific requirements of the users.

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