How To Get A Power Wheelchair Upstairs?

How To Get A Power Wheelchair Upstairs?

Power wheelchairs are the best option for people with mobility issues. Due to ageing or any accidental situation which can lead to permanent disability, those people have suffered very much. And that’s why using power wheelchairs can save them from mental trauma and from seeking anyone’s help. Using power wheelchairs on stairs is complex and users want to know how to get a power wheelchair upstairs safely. 

How To Get A Power Wheelchair Upstairs? Breaking Barriers To Advanced Mobility:

The following are the vital steps to learn how to get a power wheelchair upstairs?

Examine Your Surroundings:

Before starting the procedure, the first step is to examine the situation and your area. You must ensure the stairs' height, width, and condition suit any such operation. Plus, you should also consider if there is any obstacle that can slow down or prove harmful to the procedure. You must also check if the stairs you want to get up your power wheelchair on are indoors or outdoors. Because outdoor stairs can prove way more complex than indoors because of different weather and unstable surfaces. 

Request For Assistance:

The second step is that you can do anything alone, but sometimes, asking for help becomes necessary. That’s why you should also ask your caretaker, any friend, family member, etc, to help you navigate the stairs efficiently. Having an additional person ensures a safe procedure and decreases the chances of mishaps.

Use A Portable Ramp:

The third step is to use a foldable portable ramp, which is foldable, light in weight and can prove beneficial. For overcoming barriers in different surroundings. You must select a solid ramp that can bear maximum weight and suit your specific stairs' height and width. Now once correctly selected, it’s time to see the real action. Place the portable ramp in a stable position, ensuring a safe pathway for a power wheelchair. You can also use anchors or safety straps to stabilise the ramp and prevent slippage. 

Mounting The Stairs:

The fourth step is that when you want to mount the stairs. Make sure you are using the power wheelchair slowly and carefully. At a balanced speed and avoid suddenly speeding it up. You can also use the joystick or other essential controls on the power wheelchair to guide it to the ramp. And hold the armrests or handrails for enhanced stability and protection. 

Consider The Weight Bearing Capacity:

The fifth step is to check out the ramp's weight-bearing capacity. When you want to get up your wheelchair on the stairs while driving. The weight limitations must be stable for both the ramp and the power wheelchair which can prevent any accidental situations. Because if you try to put extra weight on the ramp more than it can bear. The consequences can be severe.

Safety Measures To Adopt:

The sixth step is that it is beneficial to ensure that you limit your movements. Once seated on the power wheelchair and are ready to get up the stairs. Because if you try to move too much, it can affect the balance and stability of your power wheelchair. And can result in damage. You must also consider the environmental changes and the different kinds of surfaces.

Practice For Best Results:

The seventh step is practising the ascending of the power wheelchair on a ramp in a controlled environment. Before starting to do it in a specific environment. When you practice to gain excellence in using the different controls of the power wheelchair. You can efficiently take necessary measures according to sudden situations. Many people like to use folding electric wheelchair for enhanced usage.

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, how to get a power wheelchair upstairs? It is crucial to examine the whole situation and then select the specific strategy to make your plan successful. This can help individuals break all the barriers and go into different environments elegantly. You should also try using the Geo Cruiser Elite Ex electric wheelchair.

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