Does Medicare Cover Lift Chairs

Does Medicare Cover Lift Chairs?

A lift chair is an incredible companion for people who cannot move properly. Talking about mobility issues, if you’re elderly or someone with moving issues. Then a lifting chair is suitable for you. You can move anywhere without the assistance of your loved ones. 

To ensure, you don’t have to disturb them repeatedly for your normal routine tasks. It is a safe device through which the person is not scared about falling. In this way, this device is very helpful for enhancing the lives of people with moving issues. But it is essential to know: does Medicare cover lift chairs? So that you can adopt different measures according to your ease. 

Does Medicare Cover Lift Chairs? (5 Killer Factors You Must Know About)

To know does Medicare cover lift chairs, you should know what Medicare is. It is a special program introduced in the year of 1965. For older adults of 65 and above or younger people with moving issues. This program covers different medical services and devices, but you must consider different factors when covering lift chairs. 

But you should know that a different program (part of Medicare) known as Medicare B covers medical insurance. But Medicare B covers only half of the insurance of the lift chairs if it is required and approved medically. 

5 Important Factors You Should Consider

The following are the main factors you must consider when it comes to the insurance of lift chairs.

Written Suggestion From The Doctor

If you want Medicare to cover your lift chair's insurance, the first important factor is having the doctor's written approval. Different documents related to your current condition will be attached to the prescription from your doctor. If you are elderly or someone with mobility issues and require a lift chair, it is medically suggested. He will write everything on your documents to ensure you get a good lift chair. 

Choose The Right Distributor

The second factor is choosing the right distributor. Look out for distributors who are using the programs of Medicare. In this way, you can rely on them, and Medicare will provide them the insurance for the lift chair. This way, you don’t have to pay any additional expenses from your side and enjoy using your lift chair easily. 

Insurance Limits

The third factor in does Medicare cover lift chairs is knowing the exact limit of the insurance from Medicare. Mostly, they cover eighty percent of the insurance of the lift chair. In contrast, the remaining twenty percent of expenses and extra charges are done from your side. You may also have to pay monthly fees for using the lift chair on rent. 

Rent Or Purchase Options

The fourth factor in does Medicare cover lift chairs is choosing between renting or purchasing the lift chairs. In most cases, Medicare prefers to rent lift chairs rather than purchase them. In this way, they can easily examine the condition of the lift chair and if it needs any repair. The good news is that you can even buy a lift chair. If you choose to use it on rent for a specific period. 

Insurance Standard

The fifth factor is that there is a fixed standard for getting insurance for the lift chairs. If the standard is not properly met, Medicare will not approve your insurance for the lift chair. Make sure that the lift chair has proper features for changing the position of the lifting chair. From standing to sitting position and that it can recline fully. Extra features are not included in the insurance. 

How Much Is A Lift Chair?

You should know that when it comes to the price of the lift chair. It changes due to various important factors. 

The Type And Company You Choose

The first factor affecting your lift chair's price is the type and company you choose to buy a lift chair. Different types of lift chairs are available from different companies that are cheap and expensive. Like a 2 Position Lift chair. You should select the one which is reliable according to your budget.

Size And Weight-Bearing Capacity

The second factor is what type of size you select and how much weight the lift chair can bear. The regular size is affordable, whereas the bigger lift chair with extra weight-bearing capacity is expensive. 


The third factor is that if the lift chair has additional characteristics, it will cost more. But its cost is affordable if it is a normal lift chair with typical features. 

Guarantee And Positioning

It costs extra to guarantee that your lift chair works fine. But on the positive side, you can feel at ease that you don’t have to do additional repairs repeatedly. To use your lift chair properly. Plus, it is important to check the reclining and positioning levels of the lift chair. If the lift chair can recline to a great level, its price will be higher. But if the extent of the reclining level is normal, then its price will also be normal. 


To wrap up, does Medicare cover lift chairs? You should know that you must follow specific limitations and factors to buy a lift chair. And talking about the lift chair cost, the standard price is from $600-1900 and above. If you choose a normal lift chair, you can get it at a normal rate. But if you select a modern and extra-featured lift chair, the price will gradually increase. You should also know about 3 Position lift Chairs.
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