What is the Benefit of a Power Wheelchair?

What is the Benefit of a Power Wheelchair?

There are numerous options available when researching electric wheelchairs. Most power wheelchairs cost more than your standard manual wheelchairs, but they are equipped with more beneficial functions to enhance your lifestyle.

1. Electric wheelchairs are simple to use

Certain power wheelchairs are ideal for use indoors because many have small footprints, anti-tip wheels, and tight turning radius' that make maneuvering in small places a breeze. For example the Golden Technologies Cricket power wheelchair has a compact turning radius of only 22". A power wheelchair can make life easier for people who are handicapped or with limited mobility because they can easily move around simply by using the joystick.

2. Regain your freedom with a power wheelchair

When using your power wheelchair you are able to move around without using energy which allows you to go longer distances. People with limited mobility may easily transport folding power wheelchairs themselves for shopping, travel, walks, and just about anything. Power wheelchair batteries can last for around 6-8 hours of consistent use before needing to be charged.

A power wheelchair is perfect for someone needs a wheelchair but can also walk short distances. This will give them more energy to walk when needed. An electric wheelchair provides greater accessibility and flexibility when outdoors.

3. Electric wheelchairs are comfortable

Power wheelchairs are usually larger and more padded than regular wheelchairs  Since they have more room components they are more stable, offer more support, and added comfort. Individuals can sometimes customize their power wheelchair by upgrading the seat or adding cushions making it as comfortable as possible while traveling.

4. Electric wheelchairs are safe to use

Power wheelchairs are unlikely to topple over than a regular wheelchairs. This is because power wheelchairs are heavier which can make them safer and sturdier. A power wheelchair is more stable when traveling outside and traversing bumps or on pavement.  Cruising around in a power wheelchair poses less risk to your safety because it is more stable and includes a lower center of gravity.

What is the benefit of power wheelchair? Power wheelchairs can make life easier for you, your loved one, and caregiver. If you're thinking about buying a power wheelchair we suggest considering what exactly you are looking to get our of your new mobility device. That way our team at Suncoast Mobility can assist in selecting the appropriate power wheelchair that satisfies your requirements.

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