The Truth About the Coronavirus Vaccines

We have had a trying year to say the least and many are hoping the end of this nightmare is in sight with the new vaccines rolling out. While many of us are hoping to be saved by the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, some are hesitant, scared, and refusing to consider them. With these vaccines being produced in record time many feel as if they are the test subjects in a giant experiment. And I can’t blame them. This is a historical time. Vaccines typically takes more than 10 years to develop and go through vigorous testing before being released to the public. On top of that, many have begun to question if we can believe anything the government, big Pharma, or corporations tell us. So why take the vaccine?

Risks have been documented when it comes to receiving this vaccine. The most common side effects are pain at the injection sight, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, and joint pain. These side effects are far more manageable than an extreme case of COVID 19. One more serious side effect, which exists when taking any vaccination is anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is an extreme allergic reaction caused by one or more ingredients in the vaccine, and in severe cases can cause death. To combat this, it is required that a patient waits 15 minutes or more to determine if they will have a reaction and can be treated for it. Another risk is Bell’s palsy or facial paralysis. This side effect is very rare, especially compared to the amount of people dying from covid around the world. Bell’s palsy has effected roughly 8 per 10,000 people who have taken the vaccine, while covid is killing 1 per 1000 in the US alone. Learn more about the side effects and details of each vaccine in this article by the Mayo Clinic.

Yes, the vaccine was rolled out in record time, taking only a year to develop. While this seems rushed, the technology of using a mRNA has been out for far longer. A messenger RNA sends a message to the body to create a coronavirus spike protein that in turn creates an immune response. It does not directly inject covid into your body as many are suspecting. That would defeat the purpose. Rather, it injects a piece of it and trains your immune system on how to combat it when covid does enter your body.

Although the vaccine was created in record timing, thousands of volunteers have been tested prior to you receiving the vaccine. And by now millions of civilians have also received it. As of now, the testing for use on babies and children is still in progress. The vaccination of pregnant women has been deemed safe and is highly recommended as they are considered high risk for COVID.

So why get the vaccine? The vaccine can ensure safety for yourself and when enough people have received it, the general population. Scientist are estimating 70-75% of the population need to be vaccinated to ensure herd immunity. This would mean society getting back to daily life, and getting to be with your loved ones again. While I entirely understand the hesitancy to getting this vaccine, there are many reasons to consider it and fewer risks than many assume. It is always wise to do your research before getting vaccinated, and the more you know the more confident you can feel in your decision. Find out more facts about the COVID vaccines here on the CDC website.

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