Great Travel Options for Those with Physical Disabilities

Having a disability does not mean you cease the travel and adventures you enjoy. Today more than ever travel destinations are accessible for everyone and modern mobility scooters and power chairs are designed today to be able to take on the go. With great lightweight and folding options it is easy to take your mobility equipment with you on the go and here are some great accessible destinations to consider.

Amusement Parks

Theme parks like Disney World and Disneyland have so many resources for those with disabilities planning a visit. For those who rely on a mobility scooter or power wheelchair here are some tips to making the most of your time at the theme parks. For those who are looking to purchase a mobility device and also love to visit theme parks, we have some great suggestions for units that will best meet your needs. Suncoast Mobility is located in Florida where we have some really popular theme parks. Disney World and Universal Studios are the most popular and both have lots of resources and policies in place to help their disabled guests make the most of their time at the parks.

Theme parks often have rides and activities in which guests are able to remain in their mobility scooters during the experience. Some may have special entrances for wheelchair access or fast passes/special queues for guests who cannot wait in the long lines. Depending on the park and ride, the guest may be asked to transfer from their mobility scooter or wheelchair to the ride seating. Each ride is different and many parks have a directory of the specifics of each ride so you can make plans beforehand.

When planning your visit to a theme park you have the option to bring your own mobility device or rent one upon arrival. If you rent you can decide if a wheelchair or electric mobility scooter would work best for your needs. A wheelchair is a more affordable option but will require someone to control it manually while an electric conveyance vehicle can often be controlled much more easily depending on the user’s range of motion or abilities.

It is best to know the park you are visiting well to plan your trip accordingly. Many parks have resources to find all of the information you need prior to your visit. Disney and Universal have webpages dedicated to their disabled guests. There are also disability service departments to email or call with any questions at many theme parks.


Although this year we are in unprecedented times and cruises are not the safest option at the moment, life will resume and if you enjoy a vacation at sea you will be able to enjoy them once again. Cruising is a great option for those with a physical disability. Fortunately, by selecting the right mobility device, the proper cruise line, and excellent planning you can make the most of your ocean excursion.

Know Your Mobility Scooter and Destination
Before taking off on your cruise it is best to have a full understanding of your mobility scooters capabilities, your ship, and your port destinations including excursions. Before booking, we suggest contacting the cruise line and let them know of your specific needs. Many cruise ships have special accommodations for people traveling with mobility scooters and it will make your trip easier to let them know ahead of time. It is a good idea to know the turning radius and width of your mobility scooter before boarding. This information will give you a general idea if your specific mobility scooter will work in the room, corridors, and elevators on your ship. Another specification to consider is how far your scooter can go on a single charge as to not limit your excursions. Ask the cruise line about accessible staterooms and other accessibility features onboard, on tenders, at ports, and on your excursions.

As stated it is best to get in touch with your cruise line ahead of time to let them know your specific circumstances. Today many cruise lines are taking extra steps to make travel with a mobility scooter simple and enjoyable. Royal Caribbean is well known as a mobility scooter friendly cruise option. On their website, they state “Our goal is to make all our guests as comfortable as possible, both on and off the ship. Our cruise ships have spacious corridors to accommodate 180 degree turns for wheelchairs. Most decks are accessible through automatic doors, and all public rooms feature entrances with gradual inclines.” They also offer early boarding, departure assistance, pool/whirlpool lifts, and a scooter accessible guest relations desk. Not all cruise ships are so accommodating which is why it is pertinent to contact them ahead of time to firm up the details. United States cruises are required to abide by the rules stated in the Americans With Disabilities Act, but many international ports do not. Be sure to ask your cruise line about tenders, ports, and excursions to avoid unwanted surprises.

Destinations with Accessibility and Resources for Disabled

• Washington D.C.

• Berkeley, California

• New York City

• Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

• Ibiza, Spain

• Sydney, Australia

Contact us with any places that should be added to this list! As always do your research before your next vacation. With some planning, you are sure to have a great time.

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