Mobility Scooter Safety During the Pandemic

It is important during this 2020 pandemic to use the safety precautions suggested to us in order to stay safe. For those with mobility scooters, separate challenges may arise and it is good to know how best to remain safe while using your mobility scooter. Some mobility equipment users may be immune-compromised and should take extra precautions to ensure their safety.


Be sure to regularly sanitize your mobility equipment. After taking a trip to the store or out and about be sure to clean all surfaces of your scooter. If possible sanitize before re-entering your home, but if that isn’t a possibility be sure to sanitize as soon as you can after entering. Sanitizing wipes, spray, or cleaner on a paper towel will get the job done. If you have a caretaker they should be able to assist you, just be sure to properly distance or wear your mask if coming in contact with others. Bringing sanitizer with you is also a great way to ensure your safety when out in public. It can sometimes be difficult to get to a washing station and sanitizer can keep you safe against contact with germs. Be sure to sanitize frequently and avoid touching your face.

Wear Your Mask

It can be nearly impossible to avoid going out at all even during a pandemic. After all, we do need groceries and other supplies. So when the need arises to leave home, be sure to always wear your mask. This obviously goes for those with or without a mobility device, but for those who are immune-compromised, it is especially important. It can be easy to forget your mask on the way out the door so it can be helpful to keep a spare mask in the storage of your mobility scooter just in case.

Caretaker Safety

A caretaker may be more important now than ever but it is important to take extra precautions when interacting with them. Be sure your caretaker is disinfecting before entering your home. Your caretaker should not be taking extra risks in their daily life that may increase their chances of bringing germs into your home. Ask your caretaker to wear their mask when around you and distance 6 feet if possible.

Get Outside

It is important that we are not keeping ourselves cooped up all day every day. This can have detrimental effects on our mental and physical health. Get your mobility device out for a ride around the block or simply sit outside in the sun for some immunity-boosting vitamin D. If you live in a busy area take your mask with you, but if you are in a secluded area you may be able to get away without your mask to get some fresh air. Evaluate your specific situation to determine what is safest and always have your mask with you just in case you do come in close contact with a neighbor.

Socialize Safely
Although we are separated from those we love, be sure to reach out over the phone or video chat and keep in contact. As humans, we need socialization for our health and well being. Do not be afraid to let your loved ones know you are struggling. If you go outside and see a neighbor wave and check-in. Although we must keep our distance we can still connect and should in whatever way is safely possible.

As we navigate this new territory we must do our best to be diligent and not let our health fall by the wayside. Do your best and remember we are all in this together. Be well, be safe, and stay strong.

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