Rehabilitation Power Wheelchairs by Merits Health

For those recovering from injury or surgery a rehabilitation power wheelchair may be a helpful and necessary tool for you. Rehabilitation power wheelchairs have advanced technology to allow for mobility related activities needed in daily life. We will outline which rehab power chairs we have available at Suncoast Mobility to help you decide if one might be right for your lifestyle.

Merits Health Vector

The Merits Health Vector’s center of gravity changes according to sliding seat making it very stable. The rider can adjust the seat width and seat depth 16″,18″, 20″ making it a comfortable ride. The dual in-line motors enhance efficiency, torque, range and performance. Optional features include PG-R-Net multi function controller, seat elevator and power footplate or elevating leg rest. The Merits Health Vector comes in color options Red, Blue, Black or Silver.

Merits Health Vector HD

The Merits Health Vector HD has full front and rear suspension for an exceptionally smooth ride. It also features dual in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance. Power Tilt operated in 5°-55° and Power Recline 90°- 150°. The mechanical shear reduction device helps prevent injury. Optional Features: 12″ Seat Elevator, Power Footplate, Elevating Legrest, Power elevating Legrest, PG R-Net Controller. The Merits Health Vector HD comes in color options Red, Blue, Black or Silver.

Merits Health Velocity

 The Merits Health Velocity’s seat to Floor Height is 16.5″-19.5″ and can be adjusted to suit you best. Adjustable seat width and depth 16″–2″ allow you to adjust to your comfort. Center of gravity 0°-55° posterior allow you to find stability where needed. Shear reduction recline ranges form 90°-150°. LED lights come standard on the shroud for easy and safe use even at night. Tension-adjustable front and rear suspension make for a smooth ride. Optional power seat lift with12″ of elevation.

These units are special order so please call us at 727-537-6275


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