New Products Lines for 2020

At Suncoast Mobility we strive to offer the best options to suit any individual needs. With that in mind we are excited to announce we are expanding our product catalog for 2020. We are proudly partnering with some great new manufacturers and offering a wide array of new options to best fit your specific needs.


One great new partner of ours is Supascoota, a U.S. based company with a unique and top of the line mobility scooter options. They offer three models to suit different needs; the Shopper, the Sprint, and lastly the Sport. The Shopper is best for those looking mainly to use their mobility scooter indoors and is the most affordable option offered. The Sprint is suggested for travel as it is lightweight, offers duel motors, and a suspension seating system. Lastly, the Sport is best for rugged outdoor and off road adventures. The Supescoota Sport XL mobility scooter has larger back tires, a wider seat and longer frame. It is a much more comfortable ride even over long distances. Supascoota takes pride in prioritizing safety in their mobility scooter design. They offer the only scooter to reduce speed when turning to increase stability and have patented the technology called the Electronic Stability Control System (ESC). 

Moving Life

Moving Life offers a very unique folding scooter with a modern and convenient design. The Moving Life Atto mobility scooter can be separated into two lightweight parts for easy transport or folded into a compact design similar to rolling luggage making it great for travel. When fully assembled the Atto is a sturdy full-sized mobility scooter with a beautiful modern look. Not only  is it aesthetically pleasing but it is built and designed for functionality, ease of use and maximum comfort. The Atto mobility scooter offers adjustable seat height, a USB charging port and deck storage. It also has a ton of customizable options like extra storage, a cell phone holder, extra seat padding and so much more!


We are very excited to include Shoprider products in our catalog. Shoprider offers a wide range of scooters and price points to meet different needs and budgets. One product they offer is the Echo mobility scooter that comes in both regular and folding options. Both the regular and folding Echo mobility scooters are lightweight and easy to store and travel with. A more full-sized option is the Shoprider Enduro XL4+. The Enduro XL4+ mobility scooter boasts a 500 lb weight capacity, a Delta-style to minimize hand and wrist strain, full suspension for a smooth ride, and a swiveling and reclining option for seat comfort. Along with mobility scooters, Shoprider also offers plenty of scooter accessories to upgrade your ride.


Merits has been in business since 1985 and their experience shows in the innovative designs of their mobility scooters, stair lifts, beds, power wheelchairs and respiratory products. Merits also offers some of the best customer service and working conditions in the industry. Merits also backs their products with a fantastic warranty (frame 5-years, 18-months on electronics and motors). The Roadster Mini 3 is one of their most compact options great for travel and those with an active lifestyle. The Roadster Mini 3 has an easy set-up that requires no tools and is easily dismantled for transport and storage. Adjustable tiller, seat and armrests allow for comfort. The dashboard display is simple and easy to read. The Roadster Mini 3 mobility scooter is a very simple and affordable option we are happy to offer.

Merits also offers larger full-sized option called the Silverado 4-Wheel Full Suspension Electric Scooter. This scooter is fully stocked with shock absorbers, full suspension, and LED lighting system, LCD dashboard display, extra storage beneath tiller (in addition to front storage basket) and semi-reclining seat. The Silverado is very sturdy and great for those who struggle with stability or are looking for a higher weight capacity.


Need Further Assistance?

Contact us today to speak with one of our mobility experts about your lifestyle and your specific needs top regain your freedom. Our mobility scooter experts are highly trained and taught to focus on every potential client’s needs. This allows our staff to get you in the right mobility scooter for your lifestyle the first time.

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