Great Mobility Gifts for the Holidays

There is no better gift for the holidays than the gift of mobility and the freedom that comes with it! At Suncoast Mobility we have an array of products to suit different needs and budgets. Some of our best-sellers are mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, and lift chairs but we also offer patient & vehicle lifts, electric bikes, and a wide array of mobility accessories. Here we will outline our top sellers for different budgets that make great holiday gifts!

Mobility Scooters

The EV Rider Transport Move manually folds in three simple steps. This folding mobility scooter is another option for people who love traveling and live an active lifestyle. This mobility scooter manually folds in three simple steps and features a 250 lb. weight capacity. You will also get up to 10 miles on a full charge.

The Enhance Mobility Transformer automatic folding mobility scooter is one of the best on the market for those who travel often. It has a 13.5-mile range on a single charge while also featuring a 300 lb. weight capacity. It folds automatically with a push of a button which makes it easy to travel and once folded, compact for storage. This scooter also comes with a 1-year service contract free of charge.

The Golden Technologies Avenger is a four-wheel, heavy-duty scooter and provides an impressive blend of rugged outdoor maneuverability while giving a smooth, comfortable ride over a variety of nature’s most challenging terrains. Durable and stylish, the Avenger includes a standard front basket, a full lighting package, and an extra roomy seat with an adjustable headrest. If power is what you need, look no further than the Avenger. Featuring a 500 lb. weight capacity, the Avenger uses two NF-22 batteries that provide a range of up to 18 miles between charges. The Golden Technologies Avenger mobility scooter comes with a one-year in-home service contract at no cost. 

Power Wheelchairs

The Shoprider Jimmie is a great lightweight power wheelchair option for those on the go. This power wheelchair features a quick disconnect system and disassembles into three pieces effortlessly. The heaviest of the three pieces weighs only 35.8 lbs. This unit is not considered a heavy-duty power chair but still offers stability and comfort.

The Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy power wheelchair makes a great gift and is a top-quality power chair. Designed with the end-user and their caregivers in mind, the LiteRider Envy power wheelchair can be disassembled in just seconds to easily fit in the trunk of virtually any automobile. The heaviest piece weighs only 35 lbs making it easily lifted into the back of a vehicle. The LiteRider Envy offers a comfortable ride all day long, with a stadium-style seat and a generous footplate. The LiteRider also offers 22 amp hour batteries so you can travel further than ever before. When you’re looking for a compact power chair that’s easy to transport and fun to drive, look no further than the LiteRider Envy! The Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy power wheelchairs come with a one-year in-home service contract that we pay for.

Lift Chairs

Golden Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high-quality lift recliners. One of our best lift chair sellers is the Golden Technologies Comforter PR-535 with MaxiComfort. Comfort meets style with this lift chair that comes in six different size options. The small to tall options make this a suitable choice for any user. Eight fabric options including the latest “Brisa” can suit your aesthetic and lifestyle. The MaxiComforters feature a plush, seamed backrest with lumbar support, a soft, comfortable seat, and our unique “grip rite” arm design. Every PR-535 comes standard with our patented MaxiComfort Ultimate Recline Technology for possible spinal alignment, back pressure relief, and improved circulation. The extended armrests make the transition from sitting to standing far easier even when the chair is in a lifted position. The sizes of this chair range from junior petite, small, medium, medium extra-wide, large, and tall. You can see the particular details and dimensions of each size in the description section here.

The Golden Technologies Siesta PR-445 with power support is a great infinite position chair. As the title describes, it is the perfect chair for getting comfortable and a siesta. Dual drive motors allow for independent control of the back and leg rest. Standard features include; powered headrest and powered lumbar as well as a USB charging port. Luxurious soft microfiber fabrics feature designer contrast stitching to stand out in any décor. The Golden Technologies Siesta lift chair comes with a one-year in-home service contract that we pay for. All Golden Technologies lift chairs are proudly made by Americans (with domestic & imported materials).

The PR-761 EZ Sleeper with Twilight positioning technology features a modern, sleek design with a stylish track arm for ultimate comfort! The world’s first MaxiComfort with Twilight positioning now with a powered headrest and lumbar support. Enjoy the ultimate in custom seating comfort. This lift chair has a wide variety of positions including the ability to elevate your feet above your head and relieve pressure from different points of your body. The infinite positions allow for a much more natural positioning. The PR-761 is heavy-duty weighing 125 pounds and has a 325-pound weight capacity. Power lumbar and power headrest are included features that allow for maximum comfort. The Golden Technologies EZ Sleeper lift chair comes with a one-year in-home service contract that we pay for. All Golden Technologies lift chairs are proudly made by Americans (with domestic & imported materials).



The EZCLA Auto Fold Up Electric lift is our most advanced lift option. Designed to be easy to use with little effort, it does the work for you. Take your wheelchair or scooter with you with the flip of a switch. Hold the lever in and the platform folds up like a tailgate automatically.  When you need to use it again, the platform unfolds for you automatically and is ready to load your mobility device. Drive your mobility wheelchair, scooter, or power chair on and off either side of the platform.

The EZCL Electric Carrier our cost-effective alternative for a mobility device lift. Take your wheelchair or scooter with you with the flip of a switch. Pull the pin and fold up the carrier platform manually like a tailgate. This scooter carrier is ideal for the heavier scooters and mid-wheel drive power chairs. Drive your mobility wheelchair, scooter, or power chair on and off either side of the platform

Our Manual EZC-2 Carriers are designed for quality and durability and are our most economical options. Guide your power chair or scooter up the ramp and take it with you wherever you want to go. Ideal for those who have some physical mobility, and perfect for those with caregivers. Pull the pin and fold up the carrier platform manually like a tailgate. (50 lbs. lifting weight) We can help you select the correct carrier based on your vehicle’s hitch height.

Electric Bikes

Getting around town has never been easier, or more fun, than with the BAM-StepThru electric bike. It’s perfect for ditching the car and getting a healthy commute to work without working up a sweat, trips to the store, or just taking a casual ride with friends. The velo plush seat and relaxed riding position make it a super comfortable ride and the included rear rack makes it easy to attach panniers or baskets for carrying your load without stressing your back. This model is great for a rider who has trouble lifting their leg high enough to straddle a regular bicycle design.

This EWheels EW-29 is a 100% electric power tricycle, combines pedaling and electric power at the same time. This electric trike can reach speeds up to 15 mph and travel up to 20 miles on a single charge. It has a low step-thru steel frame for easy seating, a front storage basket, and a large rear storage basket that is perfect for groceries, running errands, or for taking along your favorite pet. Features also include a LED front electric light, electric horn, electric battery indicator, forward/reverse switch, and an oversized seat with backrest. The EW-29 would be the perfect option for those who struggle with stability.

The EWheels EW-Rugged 36 Volt Electric Mountain Bike is a Lithium Battery powered Electric Bicycle, powered by a 350 Watt Zero Resistance rear hub motor. Made with all top of the line components this model includes a 7 Speed Shimano Gears & Shifter System, a 100% aluminum Alloy Frame, a fully Adjustable Seat, and a hydraulic front fork. This Ebike is equipped with a LED Panel for the 5-speed option PAS(Pedal Assist System) attached to the handlebars. This Ebike can be operated by electric throttle power only, Pedal Assist System, or simply Pedal. This is one of the most versatile Ebikes on the market today! This is our newest option and the most affordable in our line of electric bikes!


Mobility devices are useful and sometimes necessities for users. Something that can increase functionality and ease of use is mobility device accessories. Depending on your mobility scooter or power wheelchair there are different  available.

For those that would like a little extra storage, travel cases, tiller bags, and/or storage baskets are a great option. Storage bags can be attached to the front of your tiller, the side of your seat, or the back of your mobility device. You also have the option to buy multiple or all of these for the ultimate in storage. You can take all your belongings with you on the go!

Many of us take our cell phones everywhere we go and one great accessory is a cell phone holder that attaches to the handles or tiller of your device. Cup holders that attach to the armrests are also available. This way you can take a refreshment with you wherever you travel.

Protective covers are available for both your scooter and seat. For those who want to preserve their scooter as long as possible, these are highly recommended.

Need Further Assistance?

Contact us today to speak with one of our mobility experts about your lifestyle and your specific needs top regain your freedom. Our mobility scooter experts are highly trained and taught to focus on every potential client’s needs. This allows our staff to get you in the right mobility scooter for your lifestyle the first time.

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