Maintenance Tips for Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

Maintenance Tips for Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

Your power wheelchair or mobility scooter is your key to regaining your freedom and lifestyle. Yes, they require an initial significant investment, but with proper care and maintenance they can provide many years of use. A few basic things to remember is that we strongly urge you to read and understand your owner’s manual. We also suggest keeping your manual in a safe spot for future reference. Most power wheelchairs have a pocket on the back of the seat which isn't a bad spot to store your manual. Make note of the the serial number of your new mobility device and the phone numbers of the company you bought from plus the technical service team. 

Get to know your motor’s normal sounds during daily operation. That way you'd most likely notice if something goes wrong. If any part of your mobility scooter or power wheelchair is showing signs of wear, is cracked, or frayed, replace it right away. You should never put your safety at risk by putting off repairs and replacement parts. This is super important, also store your power wheelchair or mobility scooters in a dry place. Getting your device wet could damage your electrical parts which could lead to voiding of the factory warranty.

Always do the following:

  • Store your mobility scooter or power wheelchair in a dry place.

  • Clean up any moisture or spills immediately.

  • Make sure your mobility scooter or power wheelchair’s shrouds are securely fastened to the device.

  • If your electrical components get wet dry it off immediately. After it is dried off properly please cease use and call a service tech for further advice.


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From time to time it is important to inspect your mobility scooter or power wheelchairs tire conditions. The tires play an important role in the overall performance of your mobility device much like your car. If your mobility scooter or power wheelchair has pneumatic (air filled) tires, you should check the tire pressure often. Keeping a spare tire inner tube handy also isn't a bad idea if you have air filled tires. If your tires are solid keep an eye on their wear and tear and replace them when needed.

One of the most expensive parts of your mobility device is your battery. It is important to maintain your batteries due to this reason. If you use your mobility scooter or power wheelchair all day you should charge them fully at night. Try not to forget your batteries on the charger into the day so set a reminder to unplug the charger first thing in the morning. A lot of modern mobility scooters and power chairs have smart chargers. This means they will shut off automatically after they are fully charged. If your device includes lithium batteries they should be charged a minimum of every 10-14 to keep them healthy. Always charge your batteries to full before storing them for days. One last battery note, keep them away from extreme temperatures.


Speak to a Mobility Expert

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Our team of mobility experts here at Suncoast Mobility are available by email at or by phone at 727-537-6275. Please call or email at anytime. We cannot wait to assist you in selecting your new off-road rough terrain capable mobility scooter to continue your adventurous lifestyle. Call or email us today to take advantage of your special discount.


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