Choosing the Right Lift Chair Fabric

When choosing your new lift chair you must consider all options and which would best fit your lifestyle. Although your first thought thought would be to choose a color that fits your living room aesthetic there are many more factors to give thought to. There are options that are are more durable, stain resistant, scratch resistant, easy to disinfect, soft and/or temperature controlled. Depending on your lifestyle, whether you have pets or children, the amount of time spent in your lift recliner and other factors you may want to give extra consideration to the fabric you choose. Our main supplier of lift chairs are our Golden Technologies options so we will outline their fabric options here.

Value Series
The value series fabrics are the standard options on Golden Technologies lift chairs. There is no extra upgrade charge for these particular options. They come in a variety of color options to match your style. These fabrics are 100% polyester, soft touch and have built in stain defense. The value fabrics come in 5 color options.

Valor Urethane
The Valor fabrics are a stylish yet durable option. They have a leather-like look with a texture and slight sheen. This upgrade is spill-proof and wipe able. The valor fabric series comes in 4 color options.

For those who spend more time in their recliners the soft-touch micro-suede may be a good fabric for you. This fabric is as soft as leather without the disadvantages. This fabric is soft, water resistant, pet-friendly and easy to care for. The micro-suede comes in 2 color options.

Alta High-Performance
Alta fabric is spill proof, stain resistant and antimicrobial. That makes this a great choice for those who are incontinent, tend to spill, or have pets or children. This will increase the cost of your lift chair but comes with a 10-year warranty! This fabric comes in 3 color options.

The Brisa fabric is a leather-like option but is far more breathable and cool to the touch. The temperature resistance makes this a more comfortable chair and able to withstand hot, cool or varying humidity. This fabric is also scratch and blemish resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty! This fabric comes in 10 color options.

Brisa Fresco
Brisa is one of the most luxurious fabrics we offer. This fabric is breathable and antimicrobial. It is made with no pollutants or harmful chemicals. 99% of the Brisa Fresco by-products are recaptured or recycled. This fabric can be disinfected with 5:1 water bleach solution. The ease of cleaning this fabric makes it one of the most sanitary options on the market today. Along with all these great features, the Brisa Fresco comes with a lifetime warranty.


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