Lift Recliners for Pregnancy and Childcare

Many women purchase nursing chairs when expecting a baby, but few consider or even know what a lift recliner is. It is no surprise that lift chairs are a great tool for those dealing with mobility loss, but they can also be very useful for pregnancy and child care. The average nursing chair has basic features such as swivel/rocking, foot rest/ottoman, and/or reclining option. Where a lift recliner may be more beneficial than your average nursing or rocking chair is the extra position options, back support, and additional features such as heat and massage. Because lift recliners are made for those with injuries or mobility loss they can have the extra support that prevent discomfort when sitting for long periods, nursing, spending time with your children, or recovering from a cesarean section.

Extra Support

Because lift chairs are built for people with mobility issues and/or injuries, they are designed with comfort in mind. Lift chairs often feature extra cushioning to support the headrest, back, and seat. This means sitting for longer periods will not cause pain. So you can sit with your baby or even relax while pregnant without that familiar back and ligament pain. Women recovering from a cesarean can finally find relief and comfort to help aid recovery. While pregnant or during recovery, it can be very difficult to find comfortable positions, but a lift chair is made for it! The lifting feature can also make getting out of your chair without strain much easier, even with gravity and extra weight working against you.

Extra Positions

Along with the support a lift chair offers, the different positions can also allow for maximum comfort. Lift chairs come in 2 positions, 3 positions, or infinite positions. 2 position lift chairs are typically a more affordable option. They offer the lifting option but the recline positions are limited. The back and footrest are controlled simultaneously. 3 Position lift chairs offer extra features for comfort and can recline to a completely horizontal position. Infinite position lift chairs are top of the line. The back and footrest can be controlled independently from one another. These units allow for the most comfort and more additional features. These are the most costly but are beneficial for those who spend a lot of time in their chair. Infinite position lift chairs are a great option for those who want to sleep in their chair and are perfect for those late night feeding sessions. For those with a baby who does not sleep through the night, the positioning of a lift chair can allow for mom and baby to sleep comfortably. 

Extra Features

Besides the different positions lift chairs offer you can also customize fabrics, weight capacity, colors, heat and massage options. Heat and massage is great for those who struggle with arthritis or back pain. Heat and massage can make you feel pampered while you feed or snuggle your little one. Fabric options offer more than aesthetic but can effect breathability, stain resistance and comfort. Stain resistant fabric is a must for those with little ones! There are also fabrics that make disinfecting a breeze.


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