Tips to Start Fresh in 2021

I can safely say 2020 was not the year any of us expected. We had big hopes and dreams for a new decade and were saying things like “This is our year!”. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned, and it wasn’t easy but we have made it to a new year. With 2021 arriving we get a new start, and that doesn’t mean all of our 2020 problems disappear but we can face them from a different perspective. How can we do things differently this year? What can we all do to start fresh?

Use What You Learned in 2020

2020 was not the year to accomplish all our big goals and make career advances for many of us. It was the year that forced us to view ourselves and our lives from a different perspective. With the new guidelines and orders we were forced to slow down and stay home. We had to feed our relationships in new ways and be sure to stay in touch and check in with the ones we love a little more often. 2020 may not have been what we wanted but the lessons we learned are what many of us needed. It didn’t matter what more we wanted to gain, we had to learn to appreciate what we already had. We can take this lesson with us forward into the new year and throughout our lives. Like Scrooge on Christmas morning, we can leave 2020 behind with a new perspective and appreciation for what we have been given.

Make New (Attainable) Goals

New years come with new goals. 2021 will not be leaving all of the problems from 2020 behind so that will alter what we can accomplish this year. Luckily we have been facing many of these issues and have a better grasp on how to do so. Do not look at 2021 as a wash already, make goals that are actually attainable even if we are forced to shelter in place for part of the coming year. Make goals pertaining to your relationships, your home, your attitude, your health, or career changes if possible. View your life from that refreshed perspective we spoke about and see what you want to leave behind in the new year.

Be Kind

Hopefully the struggles of 2020 have not hardened you to the world. But if you feel that way nobody can really hold it against you. We have all faced an unprecedentedly challenging year. With one of the most divided elections in US history and a pandemic changing everything we knew about our way of life, we all feel the effects. Regardless of the struggles you have faced, we all need connection and love more than ever. Show kindness wherever you can and to everyone you meet. We have all heard the term “You never know what someone else has been through”, and that is true now more than ever. And it isn’t only important to show kindness to others, but be kind and gentle with yourself. You have been through a lot and owe it to yourself!

Stay Strong

The beginning of 2021 does not mean the challenges of 2020 are over. We must still abide by whatever orders are in place to protect ourselves and those around us. It may be a challenge with many people out of work, feeling lonely, or even dealing with health problems but we can only do our best to continue on. This will not last forever and will hopefully end even sooner if we can do our best to hold strong and be vigilant.

We are all facing this together and we will get through this together. Happy new year! May 2021 be a kinder year to us all.

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