EV Rider Transport AF Plus Mobility Scooter Review

EV Rider Transport AF Plus Mobility Scooter Review

A number of people in the USA are experiencing a difficulty walking or climbing stairs. People of all ages are having to rely on mobility scooters to get around daily. The harsh reality for them is that it's difficult to get from one place to another and to do things like board a plane to see family and travel.

Thankfully, there are a wide variety of foldable mobility scooter that are airline approved. EV Rider has designed a near perfect compact travel mobility scooter. Below is an extensive review of the their Transport AF Plus automatic folding mobility scooter.

EV Rider Transport AF Plus at a Glance


  • Cost: The EV Rider Transport AF Plus retails for $2,250.00 (we offer financing through Affirm). This model is an average price for a top tier portable scooter. It is one of EV Rider's most popular compact travel scooters right now.
  • Comfort: The EV Rider AF Plus mobility scooter’s seat is your standard mobility scooter seat. It isn't extremely plush and we find it to be average with other scooters in its class. For extended use we do recommend a seat cushion.
  • Usability: This scooter's usability is similar to its competition in aspects like speed, turning radius and weight capacity. Since it automatically folds and only weighs 49 lbs total it is ultra transportable. It will fit in the trunk of most vehicles. 

What we like:

  • The automatic folding features makes it easy to use.
  • The 31" turning radius means great maneuverability. 
  • The AF Plus is airline approved and ready for your next trip.


  • Has a lower ground clearance of 1.4".
  • It's 10 mile range may not be best for full day excursions. 

EV Rider Transport AF Plus automatic folding mobility scooter, folded in red with remote.



About EV Rider

EV Rider is located in Fort Myers Florida and has been in business since 2005. EV Rider’s commitment to quality and outstanding customer service is supported by staff with over 30 years of experience in the design, development, sales and technical support of battery-operated vehicles. They are an industry leader in compact travel mobility scooter offering extreme quality and customer service.

EV Rider Transport AF Plus: A Closer Look

The EV Rider Transport AF Plus mobility scooter is a lightweight compact portable scooter option that automatically folds with the push of a button. It weighs only 49 lbs total making it easy to transport and accommodate your active lifestyle.

Comfort Features

Compact scooters don’t have a reputation for comfort, and the EV Rider Transport AF Plus mobility scooter is no different. Its stadium seat offers visibly less cushion than most bigger heavier duty mobility scooter options. The seat height isn't adjustable nor does it swivel. This scooter isn't necessarily designed for all day excursions.

Safety Features

The EV Rider Transport AF Plus mobility scooter uses a self-locking mechanism after the unit is unfolded to ensure your safety during use. The LED headlight will not only make you more visible during use, but it will light your way during the evening and nighttime hours. The AF Plus features a dual front wheel making it a tad less stable than the newer version the 4AF.


The lithium battery does need to be used and charged semi-frequently. If lithium batteries sit for a prolonged period you may see a decrease in performance. Other routine maintenance EV Rider TRansport Move recommends is gentle cleaning and checking specific areas for wear and tear that is outlined in the user manual. Be sure to store your unit indoors and away from weather to prevent possible damages and voiding the warranty.


The EV Rider Transport AF Plus includes a 11.5 Ah lithium battery that is airline approved and perfect for travel. This Mojo Automatic Folding Mobility Scooter will also come with a remote key fob that controls the folding and unfolding functionality with the push of a button. To make it even easier to use the display straight to the point and is complete with an oversized speed knob for your convenience. Both users and caregivers will love that this scooter weighs only 49 lbs. total making it manageable for most people or tandems.

The EV Rider Transport AF Plus has a max speed of 4 mph and can climb maximum gradient of 6 degrees. It boasts an impressive turning radius of 31" which is far above industry standard for a compact scooter. The 10-mile drive range on a standard 11.5 Ah battery is also impressive, but it is recommended to bring your charger with you for full day trips to prevent interruption.

Warranties and Service

The factory warranty of the AF Plus is on par with industry standard. There is a three year warranty on the frame, six months on the battery and one year on all electronics. EV Rider devices do not come with a one year in home service agreement. This means for one year parts would be covered under warranty but not the actual labor cost.

EV Rider Transport AF Plus folding mobility scooter in blue.

Final Thoughts

The EV Rider Transport AF Plus compact mobility scooter is almost perfect for airline and cruise ship travel. It holds its own against the competition in several areas for a compact travel mobility scooter. It is travel-friendly, automatically folds, and its 31" turning radius put it in a league of its own. The 11.5 Ah lithium battery is airline approved so there is no need to purchase a special travel battery like some other brands.

Product Specs

To make it easier for you to compare to other brands and models, below are some of the most important Transport 4AF specifications:

Product weight: 49 lbs.
Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
Folded Dimensions: 30" L x 16.5" W x 17.7" H
Ground clearance: 1.4"
Tires: 7" front tires and 8" rear tires
Top speed: 4 mph
Drive range on a full charge: 10 miles
Turning radius: 31"

EV Rider Transport AF Plus automatic folding mobility scooter tiller.


Speak to a Mobility Expert

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Our team of mobility experts here at Suncoast Mobility are available by email at info@suncoastmobility.com or by phone at 727-537-6275. Please call or email at anytime. We cannot wait to assist you in selecting your new off-road rough terrain capable mobility scooter to continue your adventurous lifestyle. Call or email us today to take advantage of your special discount.

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