Choosing the Right Lift Chair for Sleeping and All Day Use

Choosing the Right Lift Chair for Sleeping and All Day Use

3-Position lift chairs are simple, with 2-buttons on the remote and 1-motor. The leg rest section and back rest move in unison, as the back reclines, the foot raises. These lift chairs are great for sitting and napping, but they do not lay flat like a bed.

Infinite Position lift chairs: The leg rest section and back rest move
independently allowing for thousands of positions for increased comfort. This allows you to raise the leg rest section while keeping the back straight for reading or watching television. Infinite Position chairs will lay flat, putting you in a lay flat position does not offer ergonomic support.

MaxiComfort Position lift chairs are also manufactured for sleeping. MaxiComfort is a patented positioning technology. Many infinite position lift chairs leave a gap between the seat and back lacking lower back support needed by most users. As you glide into our Zero Gravity position lift chair you will notice that the seat moves back and rises to provide cradle support for the hips and back. You will also notice that the leg rest section encourages and supports a slight bend in the knee to take pressure off your lower back. MaxiComfort offers a supported lay flat position to create a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Golden Technologies Cloud PR515 MaxiComfort Lift Chair Recliner with Twilight
Cloud PR515 MaxiComfort Lift Chair with Twilight

Welcome to the future of lift chairs built for sleeping – where there is science in the seat. If you are on the quest for the ultimate in comfort, and cutting-edge design, look no further than the MaxiComfort series from Golden Technologies.

Features of MaxiComfort:

1. Zero Gravity Technology: MaxiComfort lift chairs are equipped with Zero Gravity technology, a game changer in the world of seating comfort. Inspired by NASA’s innovations, these scientifically designed seats help the human body take on a neutral spinal posture, which astronauts experience in the weightlessness of space. In this natural and relaxed position, the amount of stress placed on bones and joints is minimal, if not virtually non-existent.

2. Twilight Technology: Discover weightlessness with the MaxiComfort® with Twilight Positioning. Golden's patented three-motor technology offers an array of
rejuvenating options to cradle the body and ease the mind. Achieve extreme Zero
Gravity and TV positions while enjoying the world's finest rejuvenating seating

Golden Technologies Twilight Lift Chair Recliner Positions

3. Endless Recline Positions: MaxiComfort® offers a multitude of preprogrammed recline positions to help you find the perfect angle to alleviate pressure points, enhance circulation, and cater to your unique comfort preferences. With an array of positions to choose from you can customize your seating and sleeping experience with 4-programable memory buttons.

4. Extra Features: Upgraded Fabrics, Power Headrest, Power Lumber, Heat, Massage, Cup Holders, Phone Chargers, and Tray Table.

Questions to consider before purchasing:

Do you plan to sleep in the chair? Only MaxiComfort® is manufactured for sleeping. 3-Position and Infinite Position chairs work great for napping.

Do you like your chair to be plusher or firm? Certain models are firmer than others.

How much space do you need? Some chairs require more space than others.

Do you have pets you would like to sit with? Consider a larger/wider chair.

Will you be eating/drinking in the chair? An upgraded fabric should be considered along with a chair that can have cupholders and maybe even a tray table.

Is incontinence or oily ointments/topical medications a concern? An upgraded fabric should be considered.

Do you have any conditions that cause discomfort? Try power headrest and lumbar, Twilight, or heat and massage for relief.

Make an Investment
Investing in MaxiComfort lift and sleep chairs means investing in durability and longevity for the long haul. These chairs are built to last, ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of this advanced technology for years to come. Choosing the right lift chair with MaxiComfort means embracing a new era of scientific seating and technology. From Zero Gravity to Twilight, luxurious materials, and whisper quiet motors, MaxiComfort chairs redefine the standards of comfort and innovation. Elevate your lifestyle with a chair that goes beyond expectations – where there is true science in the seat.

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