Caring For Your Mobility Scooter Battery

Our clients love and rely on their mobility scooters to gain them the freedom to live life to the fullest. In order to get the most out of your mobility scooter it is best to know how to care properly for the battery. Caring for your mobility scooter’s battery properly will prolong its life and get you the most out of your device. Here at Suncoast Mobility we’d like to outline some of the best practices to care for your battery.

 Keep it Charged

It is best to keep your battery charged regardless of the amount you’re using your mobility scooter. Be sure to charge the battery fully overnight at least once weekly when not in use. When your mobility scooter is not in use, remove the fully charged battery from the unit. Keep your battery charged, but be sure not to overcharge. Do not keep your mobility scooter battery on the charger for over 24 hours at a time. 

Store it Properly

Keep your mobility scooter and battery out of the elements if at all possible. Be sure to always store your battery in a cool and dry place. If your battery gets too hot or cold be sure to get it back to room temperature as soon as possible before charging. If your battery gets wet use a cloth to dry it as best you can before using or charging.

Know Your Battery

It is best to know your battery and it’s specific requirements to care for it properly. Mobility scooters typically use lead acid or lithium batteries. Lead-acid is typically more affordable but have a shorter lifespan. Lithium is often more costly and a bit more difficult to care for and are usually featured in folding mobility scooters. You must be sure to not over or undercharge your lithium battery. If you know your battery well and care for it properly you are sure to get the most out of your mobility scooter.

Consider Driving Conditions

Although charging and care are important you must consider how driving conditions will affect the life of your battery. If you live in a place with lots of elevation changes it can be a lot harder on your mobility scooter and battery. Try to take routes that have fewer hills or stop and go. Try to maintain a consistent speed when riding. Do your best to always ride on a fully charged battery and get in the habit of charging your mobility scooter after every use. Check your tire pressure consistently to put less of a load on your battery.

Need Further Assistance?

Contact us today to speak with one of our mobility experts about your lifestyle and your specific needs top regain your freedom. Our mobility scooter experts are highly trained and taught to focus on every potential client’s needs. This allows our staff to get you in the right mobility scooter for your lifestyle the first time.

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