The Benefits of Folding Mobility Scooters

There are so many options in the mobility scooter category these days, but one of the greatest breakthroughs is the folding mobility scooter. No longer does your mobility scooter need to be bulky, heavy, difficult to store, and impossible to travel with. Nearly all of our folding mobility scooters weigh less than 80 pounds making them the lightest options on the market today. Folding mobility scooters also feature a compact turning radius making them ideal in tight spaces such as your home, hotels, and grocery stores. An amazing benefit to owning a folding mobility scooter is that they usually come with or can be upgraded to lithium batteries. This makes the mobility scooter lighter and increases the travel range as well.

Our folding mobility scooters have a wide range of capabilities. Suncoast Mobility offers both manual and automatic folding options depending on your physical limitations. The manual folding mobility scooter oare often as easy to fold as the automatic options as they can be folded in just a few steps. For those who could benefit from the automatic folding functionality, they fold with a touch of a button. Most of the folding mobility scooters on the market are airline and cruise ship approved so the client would not be limited in their travel. When folded these scooters are compact for easy storage and weigh much less than your average scooter and will fit in the trunk of most automobiles. Folding mobility scooters are a fantastic option for those with an active lifestyle who refuse to let their mobility get in the way of their wanderlust. See our folding scooter options here.

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