The Best Bariatric Home Care Bed

A home care or hospital bed is a great tool for those recovering from surgery, dealing with mobility loss, or the pains of aging. A home care bed aids with the transition from laying position to rising or transferring to your mobility device. For those with a caretaker it can protect the patient and caretaker from injury. For those facing long periods of bed rest, a home care bed can help prevent the injuries associated with it. For the client needing a higher weight capacity we have a great bariatric home care bed option.

Merits Health Sleep-Ease 600 Bariatric Bed

A bariatric bed is an ideal selection for those that need a higher weight capacity. The bariatric home care bed has a heavy-duty frame and a larger sleep surface than a conventional bed. The Merits Health Sleep-Ease 600 Bariatric Bed is one we offer. The Sleep-Ease 600 has a 600 lb weight capacity, an all-steel construction, with a quiet and smooth operation.

• Weight capacity: 600lbs
• Quiet, smooth operation
• Heavy-duty frame ensures strength and patient safety
• All steel construction
• Larger sleep surface than conventional bed
• Split pan design with removable bed ends is easy to set-up
• No tools necessary for set-up
• Hard control (included) provides multiple bed positioning for patients
• Emergency manual crank included
• Warranty: Welds (1 year), Frame (5 years), Mechanical and Electrical parts (1 year)


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