EWheels BAM EW-Step Thru

Electric bicycles or ebikes are bicycles with a motor attachment used to assist the rider when a break from pedaling is needed. The motor’s assistance allows electric bikes to take the rider farther distances over more difficult terrain without leaving them winded and sweaty. Electric bicycles are a great tool for those who commute, want to take long-distance adventures, for the elderly or disabled. Anyone can benefit from an electric bike and it is sure to encourage more fun and activity in their life. For those with limited mobility a step through ebike is a great option to get you riding again.

Getting around town has never been easier, or more fun, than with the BAM-StepThru electric bike. The low frame makes it much easier to swing your leg over when mounting the bicycle and helps encourage those who struggle with mobility to get out and get active! It’s perfect for ditching the car and getting a healthy commute to work, trips to the store, or just taking a casual ride with friends without working up a sweat. The BAM-StepThru is able to ride 25-45+ miles on a single charge. The velo plush seat and relaxed riding position make it a super comfortable ride and the included rear rack makes it easy to attach panniers or baskets for carrying your load without stressing your back. This model is great for a rider who has trouble lifting their leg high enough to straddle a regular bicycle design. The LCD display is easy to read even when riding in the dark and front and back LED lights as well as tire reflectors keep you safe while doing so.


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