Avoiding Injury with a Home Care Bed

Home care beds or hospital beds are medical equipment you can use in your household to help you transition from laying to standing or lying to transferring to your mobility equipment. As we age, face injury, or suffer from a physical disability this transition can be difficult and painful. Home care beds are also a necessary tool for those recovering from surgery or who need long periods of bed rest.

For those with stability risk or higher fall risk, a hospital bed can help avoid injury. Home care beds raise and lower manually or automatically making the obstacle of getting out of bed far easier. The height of an average bed can be very daunting for those who struggle to raise their leg or do not have the muscle control. Home care beds also come with the option of raising the headrest to help you rise from bed without straining your back or core. The lowering of your home care bed can also help your caretaker avoid injury by helping you in and out of bed.

For those recovering from surgery, needing prolonged bed rest or that spend a lot of time in bed a hospital bed can help prevent a number of ailments. There is a long list of complications that can come with long periods of bed rest such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, pneumonia, and more. A home care bed allows you to change the points of pressure to improve circulation and alleviate pain.

The great thing about home care beds today is they are no longer heavy and bulky like they once were. The designs have been streamlined for them to be lightweight and easy to move/setup. Although many of today’s hospital beds are lightweight they often still have an impressive weight capacity. You can see some of the great home care bed options we have to offer here.


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