What Is A Heavy-Duty Wheelchair?

What Is A Heavy-Duty Wheelchair?

Mobility issue is widespread in people due to any trauma, medical condition, or in older adults. They rely on other’s help to complete many of their essential tasks. They feel bored due to sitting in one position for too long. To help them move independently and complete their daily routine tasks by themselves, the introduction of wheelchairs is incredible. 

There are different types of wheelchairs. One necessary type is a heavy-duty wheelchair. You should know what is a heavy-duty wheelchair if you’re dealing with mobility issues. Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs are one of the most notable powered wheelchairs. 

Everything To Know About: What Is A Heavy-Duty Wheelchair?

You must be wondering the difference between a regular powered wheelchair and a heavy-duty wheelchair. Well, to clear up your confusion, a heavy-duty wheelchair is a unique wheelchair. Specially designed for people who are heavy and oversized both in size and weight. 

The notable thing is that it provides better longevity and strength than a regular powered wheelchair.  These wheelchairs are the right solution for people dealing with fatness, hypotonia, and any other medical condition. Due to which a person requires a more stable and durable wheelchair to complete daily routine tasks. 

6 Excellent Characteristics Of A Heavy-Duty Wheelchair:

After knowing what is a heavy-duty wheelchair. The following are the main characteristics of a heavy-duty wheelchair that you must know about. 

Tough Materials:

The first main characteristic is that using rigid materials in heavy-duty wheelchairs makes them more protected. And provides longevity features to the users. It can bear the weight of heavy people easily. Heavy-duty wheelchairs are the right option for people who are overweight or oversized but need a comfortable solution. There is a relaxing seat in the wheelchairs for the users to sit on. The seats are big enough for users to change their position to a relaxing one. 

Amazing Weight-Bearing Capacity:

What is a heavy-duty wheelchair? The second characteristic is that heavy-duty wheelchairs, as their name suggests, can bear the weight of overweight people. It provides a sense of security to people who face accidental situations. Often due to not having comfortable seating and weight-bearing features in a wheelchair. People of different body types, sizes, and weights can easily use heavy-duty wheelchairs. 

Specialized Wheels And Tires:

The third characteristic is the tires and wheels of heavy-duty wheelchairs are enhanced to bear the weight of overweight people. Using the heavy-duty wheelchair on smooth and rough surfaces is an incredible feature for people. Who want to enjoy visiting different places without taking anyone’s assistance.

Settings Are Changeable:

The fourth characteristic is that the settings in heavy-duty wheelchairs are adjustable. And you can change the heights of different features of your wheelchairs without any issue. This will ensure you remain healthy and comfortable without feeling pain while sitting in the same position.

Improved System For Brakes:

The fifth characteristic is that the brake system of heavy-duty wheelchairs is improved to provide instant relief to the users. So they can stop and use the brakes whenever they want. 

Folding Or No Folding Options:

The sixth characteristic is that heavy-duty wheelchairs offer you the option of folding and not-folding. You can fold your wheelchair and store it in a safe place when you don’t want to use it. Or during traveling to different locations. You can keep it unfolded when you want to use it. This characteristic ensures that users can utilize their wheelchairs at different places without feeling stuck or limited. 

3 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Heavy-Duty Wheelchair:

What is a heavy-duty wheelchair? The following are the main things to consider before buying a heavy-duty wheelchair if you want to use it securely.

Load Bearing Capability:

The first thing is the capability of the wheelchair to bear the weight of the users. Mostly, the specific weight limit is mentioned on the wheelchair or in the manual guidebook. It is suggested to check its limit before purchasing it to ensure you’re choosing the right equipment for yourself. 

Portability And Use On Rough Surfaces:

The second thing to consider is the availability of a portability feature in the heavy-duty wheelchair. If you are a person who likes to travel a lot and make joyous memories. If your wheelchair is foldable, then you can keep it anywhere by your side. Also, check out if your heavy-duty wheelchair can provide safe drive on rough surfaces, too. Because it is interlinked with your safety. 

Advanced Features:

The third thing is the availability of advanced features in heavy-duty wheelchairs. Such as enhanced seating facility, improved holders for keeping essential things, etc. 

Wrapping Up:
To wrap up the topic, what is a heavy-duty wheelchair? You should know that it is the best option for people with mobility issues. And need a perfect solution due to their obesity conditions. However, it is essential to check the availability of different features in the heavy-duty wheelchair. Before you purchase it to, avoid the problematic and stressful aftermaths. 

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