Types Of Power Wheelchairs

Types Of Power Wheelchairs

Many people in the world face challenging situations due to physical defects. They cannot walk properly and, due to these disabilities, miss out on important activities in their lives. To help them enjoy every occasion of their lives, the introduction of power wheelchairs was a lifesaver. They are electronic wheelchairs, and people with disabilities can sit on these chairs and can visit different places easily. 

They can do important activities in their lives without taking anyone’s help. There are different types of power wheelchairs. Knowing them can help you choose the best option for your loved ones suffering from such issues. 

5 Mind-Blowing Important Types Of Power Wheelchairs:

Power wheelchairs have emerged as an incredible device for people who have lost the ability to walk. Due to trauma or other physical issues. Due to this, they cannot move properly. It is very painful not to have the ability to move freely. Or take someone else’s help in every matter of your life. 

Due to power wheelchairs, such people can now control every aspect of their lives like normal people. They can participate in every field without feeling depression or anxiety. The different incredible types of power wheelchairs have made it simpler for people. To choose the right option according to their requirements. The following are the main types of power wheelchairs. 

Standard Electric Wheelchair:

The first yet the most important type of power wheelchair is a standard power wheelchair. People who need 24-hour support for mobility use standard power wheelchairs. They can easily use this wheelchair inside or outside areas and even on rough paths. Different types of controls on the chair allow the user to accommodate himself and move comfortably during his daily routine. 

Travel Electric Wheelchair:

The second type is a travel electric wheelchair. The weight of a travel electric wheelchair is light. For visiting different countries, places, or areas, travel power wheelchairs are the best option. Through this, people can maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep these wheelchairs safe when they don’t want to use them. Assembling or separating this wheelchair is very easy.  

Bariatric Electric Wheelchair:

The third type is a bariatric or heavy-duty power wheelchair. For people with heavier weights and disabilities, this type of power wheelchair is the right option. They can feel safe and comfortable in this type of power wheelchair. This type of power wheelchair can bear the weight of any person.  

Folding Electric Wheelchair:

The fourth type is a folding electric wheelchair. From its name, you can see that it is a foldable electric wheelchair. It is very simple and easy to take while going on a personal, professional trip or gathering. Or keeping it safe when you don’t want to use it. You can enjoy different activities and functions without feeling disturbed or uncomfortable with folding power wheelchairs. 

Standing Electric Wheelchair:

One of the fifth type of power wheelchair is a standing electric wheelchair. This type of wheelchair allows its users to stand when they want to do something in a standing position. Using this type of power wheelchair benefits users as they can have improved blood flow in their bodies. Also, they can socialise with others normally and reach higher places without anyone else’s help. 

Unveiling The Main Purpose Of Power Wheelchairs:

Now that you know about the different types of power wheelchairs. It is time to understand the purpose behind electric wheelchairs. 

Better Ability To Move:

The first purpose is to help people who are partially or fully unable to move. The incredible features of these chairs allow people to move freely to different places and visit friends. And play an active part in social gatherings. Whether it's about taking the lead in professional or curriculum circles. People can easily do all of these activities without feeling hopeless or depressed. 

Beneficial For Physical Health:

The second purpose is that using a power wheelchair is beneficial not only for the mental condition of the user. But also for his physical health. By using a standing electric wheelchair, users can improve their blood circulation. They can interact with people easily. They can take an active part in professional or personal activities, too. Due to all these benefits, power wheelchairs are an incredible option for people with mobility issues. 

Comfort And Safety:

The third purpose involves caring for someone who cannot move properly or has other physical issues. It is essential to provide them with a comfortable and safe space where they can fit perfectly. Which is achieved with the help of power wheelchairs. They can move to different areas without help and do their daily routine tasks easily. 

Customised Power Wheelchairs:

The fourth purpose is that users can change the functions of the power wheelchair. And can add customised features to their power wheelchairs. Due to this feature, they can enhance their mobility and safety in different situations. 

To conclude, the different types of power wheelchairs and their purpose it is helpful in different ways for disabled people. Whether it is about doing your chores or helping others. Or improving their health or making their name in professional or academic fields. People can achieve any goal with the help of power wheelchairs without feeling chained or restricted. Mid-wheel drive Power Wheelchairs are also gaining popularity due to their incredible features. 

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