Talking to Your Children about Disabilities

Children are naturally curious and very observant. There is a good chance that someone in their life faces a disability whether it be mental or physical and it is good to discuss and educate them about what that means. Being open and honest with your children helps them to navigate and understand the world and those around them Here are some helpful tips to discussing disabilities with your children.

Be Matter of Fact

If your child comes to you with questions or you notice them observing someone in a mobility device in public, it is good to acknowledge their curiosity. Be clear and concise about what disabilities are and do your best to leave emotion out of it. Always use respectful terminology as children are sponges and mimic our own behavior. It is good to try and keep it light and positive and not make disabled people seem less than an able bodied person.

Explain Mobility Equipment and Other Adaptive Equipment

Kids notice everything and their first experience with a disabled person may be seeing someone using a mobility scooter or wheel chair in a public setting. That is a great moment to explain why this equipment is necessary. Tell them about wheelchairs, scooters, service animals, and ramps. Teach your child that these people also have many similarities to us and to have empathy. Encourage them to help others that may need it but to also ask before doing so.

Teach Empathy and Kindness

To show kindness is one of the most powerful tools a child can be given. Be sure to emphasize the similarities between your child and all humans on this planet. It is great to teach children that all humans are the same no matter how different we appear on the outside.

Get Educated Together

Be prepared for some difficult questions and answer them to the best of your ability. You can’t always have all the answers but be willing to find them together. A great resource we have is information at our finger tips. Be open minded and get informed together.

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