How to Clean Headphones

How To Clean Headphones?

Whether you’re alone or need personal time to feel better, headphones are the right solution. Whatever type of headphones you use, ensure they block unwanted sounds and provide full privacy. When you constantly use your headphones for different purposes, whether listening to songs or podcasts. When talking to your friends or doing important business tasks, your headphones gather germs, dirt, and bacteria in their earbuds. 

Due to this, the sound quality becomes dull, and you cannot properly enjoy your personal and professional tasks with your headphones. That’s why you should know how to clean headphones. If you want to use them in good condition and provide the best results possible. 

How To Clean Headphones?:

Circumaural and earphones or in-ear headphones are very important headphones. For the cleaning of headphones or any other electronic devices. You must disconnect it from all other devices that can cause harm to you and your devices. 

But if you use headphones that work through Bluetooth or wired headphones, you should just shut them down. “How to clean headphones” is a simple procedure you can also do by following proper instructions. 

6 Steps For The Cleaning Of Circumaural Headphones:

The cleaning of circumaural or over-ear headphones is very simple. You need important materials like clean clothes or wipes, dishwashing soap, ear sticks, air-containing pressure, etc. 

  • Once you disconnect your headphones from all the devices, it's time to remove your headphones' ear cushions (ear headphone pads). Don’t put too much pressure on the ear cushions. 
  • Then, dip the clean cloth or wipes in the mixture of dishwashing soap. Make sure to add a little water to the mixture. Slowly clean your headphones' earbuds and headband, but ensure not to soak it in the mixture completely. Otherwise, your headphones can face problems of malfunctioning. 
  • Some headphone’s ear pads are detachable. You can detach and clean them according to the instructions of the headphones maker. You can clean them nicely with clean clothes.  
  • You can also use earsticks to remove the dirt from the headphones cushions and grilles. But don’t be very hasty in removing the dirt. It can get further out of your range if you try to clean it by pushing extra pressure. 
  • You can also use air-containing pressure to remove the tough dirt and debris. If the dirt and debris are not easily cleaned with the help of dishwashing mixtures or earsticks.
  • Then, don’t assemble your headphones until all components are completely dry. 

5 Steps For The Cleaning Of In-Ear Headphones:

It is important to know that you need to be extra careful while cleaning your in-ear headphones. You may need ear sticks, clean clothes, flexible and soft-bristled toothbrushes, rubbing alcohol, etc. 

  • The first step involves separating the ear tips from the earbuds of the in-ear headphones. You can clean them separately. 
  • You can dip the ear tips in a soapy water mixture if they are polysiloxane. Clean them properly and let them dry. You can change the foamy tips of your ear tips with new ones while you are cleaning them.  
  • It is also important to know how to clean headphones and earbuds. It would help if you cleaned the earbuds of your headphones. Do it slowly with the help of your soft-bristled toothbrush. But remember not to put too much pressure on the earbuds; otherwise, you’ll damage them. 
  • Then, dip the clean cloth in the dishwashing soapy water and gently clean the main parts of the earbuds. It would help to use earsticks dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the dust and debris from the earbuds. 
  • Then, let all the components dry and reattach them in their previous form. 


The summary of how to clean headphones is that cleaning them regularly is important. By following the above-mentioned important steps to clean your headphones. You can easily maintain the longevity of your headphones. Make sure to keep the volume of your headphones at a stable level that cannot damage your hearing ability. You can also Buy Headphone Online from a reliable and trusted platform that provides quality products. 

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