The Perfect Lift Chair

How to Choose the Perfect Lift Chair

As we age or face mobility challenges, the simplest tasks like standing up from a chair can become daunting. That's where lift chairs come to the rescue. These innovative pieces of furniture not only provide comfort and support but also assist in getting up or sitting down with ease. Golden Technologies, a renowned brand in the world of lift chairs, offers a wide range of options to cater to various needs. In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the perfect lift chair from Golden Technologies, ensuring comfort and improved mobility in your daily life.

Determine Your Specific Needs for Lift Chair

The first step on how to choose the perfect lift chair your needs before choosing a lift chair as they come in various styles and sizes designed to fulfil certain requirements; consider these factors when making this decision:


Assess your mobility level. Do you need full assistance in getting up, or do you just require a slight boost?


Determine the size of the lift chair that will fit comfortably in your living space. Measure the available space and make sure the chair fits without obstructing pathways.

Weight Capacity: 

Golden Technologies offers lift chairs with different weight capacities. Make sure to select one that can accommodate your weight comfortably.


Consider the style that matches your existing décor. Golden Technologies provides an assortment of designs - both classic and contemporary - so that you're certain to find one which complements your taste and complements your decor.

Additional Features: When considering any optional extras you would like such as heat and massage functions, power headrests or USB charging ports, remember to factor them into the decision process.

Choose the Right Recline Type 

Golden Technologies lift chairs come in three main recline types:

Two-Position Lift Chairs: 

These chairs have a limited range of motion and are perfect for individuals who primarily need assistance with standing up and sitting down.

Three-Position Lift Chairs: 

These chairs offer a bit more flexibility as they can be reclined slightly further back for added comfort while watching TV or reading.

Infinite-Position Lift Chairs: 

For the ultimate in flexibility, infinite-position lift chairs can be adjusted to almost any position, including full recline. These chairs are ideal for those who spend extended periods in their chair and need various recline options.

Selecting the right recline type depends on your comfort preferences and how you intend to use the chair. Infinite-position lift chairs are often the best choice for versatility, but two- or three-position chairs may be sufficient for simpler needs.

Consider Upholstery and Material of Lift Chair

The upholstery of your lift chair can significantly impact its comfort and durability. Golden Technologies offers a variety of upholstery options, including fabric, leather, and faux leather. Each material has its advantages:


Fabric upholstery is comfortable and comes in a wide range of colours and patterns, allowing you to match your chair to your decor. It's a great choice if you prioritize a softer texture.


Leather upholstery offers luxurious comfort that's easy to care for and durable performance, adding an air of sophistication to any living space. If longevity and longevity are what's important to you then consider investing in one or more pieces from this category of chair upholstery.

Faux Leather: 

Faux leather offers all of the charm of real leather at a much lower cost. It's a good choice if you want the aesthetics of leather without the higher cost.

Test for Comfort

Comfort is paramount when choosing a lift chair. Golden Technologies encourages customers to visit their authorized dealers to try out their chairs in person. When testing a chair, pay attention to the following:

Seat Cushioning: 

Ensure that the seat cushion is supportive and comfortable. It should provide adequate padding without feeling too firm or too soft.

Back Support: 

Check the chair's backrest for proper lumbar support. Your back should feel well-supported in a natural, comfortable position.


Test the armrests for comfort and ease of use. They should be at a height that allows your arms to rest comfortably.

Control Buttons: 

Try out the control buttons or remote to ensure they are easy to use and within reach.

Assess Safety Features

Golden Technologies is committed to safety, and their lift chairs come equipped with various safety features. Some of the essential safety features to look for include:

Anti-Entrapment System: 

This feature prevents accidents by detecting and stopping the chair's movement if it encounters an obstruction, such as an object or a pet.

Battery Backup: 

A battery backup ensures that the chair can still be operated in case of a power outage, providing peace of mind during emergencies.

Non-Skid Leg Levelers: 

These prevent the chair from sliding or tipping over, especially on slippery surfaces.

Fire-Resistant Fabric: 

Golden Technologies uses fire-resistant fabrics in their chairs to enhance safety.

Review Warranty and Customer Support

Before making your final decision, review the warranty and customer support offered by Golden Technologies. A comprehensive warranty can provide you with added assurance that your investment is protected. Additionally, inquire about the availability of local service technicians or authorized dealers who can assist with maintenance and repairs.


How to choose the perfect lift chair, is a crucial decision that can significantly improve your comfort and mobility. By determining your specific needs, choosing the right recline type, considering upholstery and material, testing for comfort, assessing safety features, and reviewing warranty and customer support, you can make an informed choice that enhances your quality of life. With Golden Technologies' commitment to innovation and quality, you can trust that your lift chair will provide you with years of comfort and convenience.

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