Does Health Insurance Cover Mobility Scooters

Does Health Insurance Cover Mobility Scooters?

Older people want other's assistance in moving from one place to another. When a person ages, his power and energy to tackle different tasks reduces. But to ensure they don’t have to spend their daily routines just sitting in a corner and doing nothing. Mobility scooters are an effective solution. 

It is a special device older people use when they want to move into their homes. Visit someone, or even get groceries. However, it is essential to know: does health insurance cover mobility scooters? Some people need a mobility scooter, but due to insufficient budget. They cannot avail themselves of the opportunity to use it. 

A Perfect Guide For Your Query: Does Health Insurance Cover Mobility Scooters?

The following are the main factors through which you can know does health insurance cover mobility scooters. 

Assistance From Medicare

First, if you have assistance from Medicare, you can get the insurance for your mobility scooter covered. There is a fixed standard to be fully eligible for being a part of Medicare. There is another program of Medicare known as Medicare B. Through this program, you can get insurance for your mobility scooter if your doctor medically suggests it. Medicare provides you with health insurance of almost eighty percent, and you have to cover the remaining expenses by yourself. If you want to fill the standard fixed for becoming a part of Medicare. 

  • You must have a medical issue or are aged enough that you cannot move independently. And do the daily routine tasks easily. 
  • You cannot use different supportive equipment that requires you to use them on your own by putting in much effort. 
  • It is important to have a written approval from the doctor, too. 
  • Another important thing is that you must buy from a dealer or distributor also enrolled in the Medicare health program. 


Health Insurance Plans From Private Industries

There are different health insurance plans you can get for getting mobility scooters from a private health insurance industry. If you have medical approval and confirmation of a mobility scooter, private health insurance can cover it. However, it is suggested to read the chosen insurance plan and know the different requirements and limitations easily. 

Medicaid User

The third thing in does health insurance cover mobility scooters you can do is get enrolled in the Medicaid program. For mobility scooters, different types of criteria vary in every state. It is important to contact your specific state’s Medicaid branch office for detailed information. 

Veteran Administration

The fourth thing is that there is an insurance coverage program for veterans who can enjoy different advantages. Because they meet the standards fixed for the program. They can get insurance coverage for the mobility scooters. If they have any disabilities while providing services, then in that case, they can get mobility scooter coverage.

Voluntary Insurance Plans

The fifth thing is that you can also use a voluntary insurance plan to support your first or primary insurance. Through this, you can cover the extra costs linked with mobility scooters. It is suggested to reach out to the person who is in charge of your insurance for further information.

Where Can You Get Mobility Scooters?

After knowing does health insurance cover mobility scooters. The next thing you should do is find a reliable mobility scooter for yourself. The following are the main ways you can get the right mobility scooter. 

Online Stores

The first way is by checking different online stores that sell equipment related to mobility scooters. You can check the features and qualities of the product through the product description and client reviews. Also, you can tell a specific price according to your budget and check mobility scooters in that specific price range. 

DMEPOS Equipment Seller

Different retailers sell Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS). These types of medical equipment include mobility scooters, too. You can tell them your requirements related to the mobility scooters. And they can provide you with complete help selecting the right one for yourself. 

Producers Websites

The third way is to get mobility scooters from different mobility scooter-making websites. In this way, you can get updated about the new features of the mobility scooters launched. And can select wisely which one is suitable for you. 

Local Retailers

The fourth way is to purchase mobility scooters from local retailers or showrooms. You can also test these equipment and check the different features of the mobility scooters. If you are low on budget, you can also try second-hand or buy it on rent. In this way, you can enjoy an independent life without compromising on quality and budget. 


To conclude, does health insurance cover mobility scooters? There are different standards and insurance plans with different limitations. Check the quality, size capacity, guarantee, and price of the mobility scooter you plan to buy. If you have mobility issues or you’re an older adult, you need to check Folding Mobility Scooters.
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