Traveling by Plane With Your Mobility Scooter

Traveling by Plane With Your Mobility Scooter

If you rely on a mobility scooter to for daily use, don't worry, you can still enjoy travel. If your mobility scooter is FAA approved it can be transported with you for use at your destination. In this article we will discuss the basics of flying with a mobility scooter in this article, but these tip may also apply to other modes of travel as well. You don't already own a scooter please be sure to check out our favorite airline approved mobility scooters.

Travel Preparations

During your trip preparations make sure you document the make and model of your device. The airline will also need to know the type of battery it relies on. Your mobility scooter's battery must comply with these FAA guidelines. We suggest you contact the specific airline you will be using in advance to confirm that your mobility scooter and battery are accepted. We suggest a minimum of 72 hours advanced notice for the airline if you will need to schedule assistance to the gate. When you speak with the airline be sure to ask if any documentation will be needed upon arrival. Always confirm the specific instructions on how to properly check in for your flight with a mobility scooter. 

Things To Bring Along

We suggest you always bring your owner’s manual. Be sure to write the make, model, and phone number of anyone you may need to call if you need any technical assistance while away on holiday. If you were prescribed a scooter or have a letter of medical necessity it doesn't hurt to bring that along as well. Be sure to take photos of your mobility scooter prior to your trip. This could be used as evidence if your mobility scooter is damaged during the flight. Don't forget to bring everything needed to properly charge your scooter as well as a back up battery if you have one.

Electrical Standards Abroad

If your trip is to a foreign country you must research the electricity standards in the country you are headed to. There are roughly 15 different electrical outlets throughout the world so you may need to purchase an adapter and converter. The adaptor would allow you to plug into the outlet and the converter would convert the voltage. This information is critical as if you don't have the correct equipment you could damage your mobility scooter.

Boarding The Plane with Your Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters are can be checked for free on airlines in the United States per the FAA and ADA. It is important to follow all of the instructions from your specific airline you are traveling with. Most of the time you would check your mobility scooter with your luggage. If you need assistance to get to the gate someone will assist you. You can also ask the airline if you are able to drive your scooter to the gate and board that way. Be sure to always a lot plenty of extra time for your travel.

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