The Best Mobility Scooters for Veterans

The Best Mobility Scooters for Veterans

It is no secret that our veterans have made immense sacrifices for our country and all of us. They sometimes return home with physical, emotional, and/or mental scars as a result of that sacrifice, and oftentimes few resources to help them work through them. At Suncoast Mobility we have worked with numerous veterans to match them to the right mobility devices to allow them to regain their freedom of mobility. It is a true honor to work with veterans and their families and do whatever we can to serve those who have served us! Our goal at Suncoast Mobility has always been to offer knowledgeable, exceptional, and personalized service to our clients, and we are so happy to work with each and every person, especially veterans. Our catalog includes some of the best mobility scooters on the market for veterans.

Suncoast Mobility is a vendor of Golden Technologies who has been awarded their fourth consecutive, five-year contract since 2003 by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to supply mobility products. “Golden proudly provides power scooters across the VA nationwide to enhance the quality of life for Veterans and allow them the freedom of movement and independence they so deserve. This significant partnership ensures continued quality products for America’s Veterans with Golden’s commitment as they celebrate 40 years in business next year.”

Golden submitted scooters in five categories and was awarded the contract for all five. These are some of the best mobility scooters for veterans. The VA will continue to provide veterans with Golden’s popular Companion GC240 Mid-Size 3-wheel and GC340 Full-Size 3-wheel scooters. Additional products new to the VA contract include the Companion GC440 Full-Size 4-wheel and the newly launched GC540 Heavy-Duty 3-wheel scooters – now fully representing the entire Companion Series product offering. The compact portable BuzzAround HD 4-wheel scooter rounds out the fifth category.

GC240 Companion Mid-Size 3-wheel

GC340 Companion Full-Size 3-wheel

Companion GC440 Full-Size 4-wheel

GC540 Heavy-Duty 3-wheel scooters

BuzzAround HD 4-wheel scooter

Read more about Golden’s VA partnership here:

We know that selecting the right mobility scooter can be daunting. Especially when navigating the online retail space. Contact us today to speak with one of our mobility experts with any questions or guidance you may need. Do not forget to ask for our military and veteran discounts.

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