Mobility Scooters and Cruise Ship Travel

Here at Suncoast Mobility one of our most frequently asked questions is what mobility scooter is best for cruise ship travel. After all, losing your mobility does not mean you need to give up your freedom and passion to travel. Luckily many of our mobility scooters aid in making travel a breeze. Traveling with a disability comes with its own unique challenges. Fortunately by selecting the right mobility scooter, the proper cruise line, and your excellent planning you can make the most of your ocean excursion. In this article we will outline some helpful tips to mobility scooter use on cruise ships so you can avoid any unwanted surprises on your next cruise vacation.

Know Your Mobility Scooter and Destination

Before taking off on your cruise it is best to have a full understanding of your mobility scooters capabilities, your ship, and your port destinations including excursions. Before booking we suggest contacting the cruise line and let them know of your specific needs. Many cruise ships have special accommodations for people traveling with mobility scooters and it will make your trip easier to let them know ahead of time. It is a good idea to know the turning radius and width of your mobility scooter before boarding. This information will give you a general idea if your specific mobility scooter will work in the room, corridors, and elevators on your ship. Another specification to consider is how far your scooter can go on a single charge as to not limit your excursions. Ask the cruise line about accessible staterooms and other accessibility features on board, on tenders, at ports, and on your excursions.

Know Your Cruise Line

As stated it is best to get in touch with your cruise line ahead of time to let them know your specific circumstances. Today many cruise lines are taking extra steps to make travel with a mobility scooter a simple and enjoyable. Royal Caribbean is well known as a mobility scooter friendly cruise option. On their website they state “Our goal is to make all our guests as comfortable as possible, both on and off the ship. Our cruise ships have spacious corridors to accommodate 180 degree turns for wheelchairs. Most decks are accessible through automatic doors, and all public rooms feature entrances with gradual inclines.” They also offer early boarding, departure assistance, pool/whirlpool lifts, and an scooter accessible guest relations desk. Not all cruise ships are so accommodating which is why it is pertinent to contact them ahead of time to firm up the details. United States cruises are required to abide by the rules stated in the Americans With Disabilities Act, but many international ports do not. Be sure to ask your cruise line about tenders, ports, and excursions to avoid unwanted surprises.

Great Mobility Scooter Options for Your Cruise

At Suncoast Mobility we offer many great options for travel. For your cruise we recommend a lightweight manual folding mobility scooter like the EV Rider Transport Move. The Transport Movie folds in seconds following a few simple steps. This makes transporting the Move from one destination to another a breeze. Ramps for boarding and departing your cruise can be too steep for some mobility scooters so please check ahead time the gradient of the ramp and the gradient your mobility scooter can handle.

A great automatic folding scooter option for your cruise is the Enhance Mobility Transformer Auto Folding Mobility Scooter. It is an easy to use, ultra portable electric scooter that offers the ultimate in convenience. Offering remote control that allows you to open and close the unit with a push of a button. The Transformer has a 300lb weight capacity and comes standard with a lightweight Lithium battery (13.5 Miles on a single charge) which makes it great for excursions once at port. The lithium battery is also backed by a one year warranty and the unit comes with a free one-year in home service contract that we pay for.

The Buzzaround Carry On is an excellent choice for your next sea voyage. It was designed in part with Carnival Cruise lines making it an ideal option for your next cruise. Revolutionary folding technology allows the unit to manually fold down to only 12". This will allow it to fit most closets and under most beds on most cruise lines. The heaviest piece is 47.5 lbs. (without seat and batteries) making it perfect for lifting on the go during your travels. A special travel battery is needed and can be purchased separately.

The new upgraded version of the EV Rider Transport AF Plus called the EV Rider Transport AF 4W is also a great option for your next cruise. The AF 4W has increased stability with a wide wheel front base compared to the dual front wheel of the AF Plus. Since the 4W is more stable it does increase the overall weight by 2 lbs in total. The AF 4W automatically folds making it ultra convenient for your next trip.

Lastly we recommend the EV Rider AF Transport Plus. The EV Rider Transport AF scooter automatically folds and unfolds via your handheld remote. This unit is approved for airline and cruise ship travel and is equipped with an 11.5Ah lithium battery and weighs just 44 lbs total. This makes it perfect for travel and easy storage almost anywhere. Due to its tight turning radius, this compact scooter offers great maneuverability in narrow spaces making it a breeze to use on a cruise ship. The Transport AF easily fits in the trunk of most automobiles making it that much more convenient for daily use once your vacation is over.

Need Further Assistance?

Contact us today to speak with one of our mobility experts about your lifestyle and your specific needs top regain your freedom. Our mobility scooter experts are highly trained and taught to focus on every potential client’s needs. This allows our staff to get you in the right mobility scooter for your lifestyle the first time.

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