Using Lift Chairs to Avoid Injury

Although lift recliners may seem like another piece of furniture in a living room, they are actually a very crucial piece of medical equipment. As we age, the transition from sitting to standing position may get increasingly more difficult. Using lift recliners to aid this movement can be necessary to avoiding injury. Lift chairs can be helpful for those with an injury from an accident or fall, arthritis or those struggling with mobility. Lift chairs can also prevent the injury of a caretaker or nurse and allow them to avoid the strain of assisting a patient with the sit to stand position. It is wise to first discuss with your doctor if this is the right option for you and to continue exercising your joints a muscles when possible.

Once you and your doctor have decided a lift chair is right for you it is very important to know your lift chair options to make the right selection. There is a wide variety of sizes, features, seat widths, positions and fabrics to choose from. Depending on your size and proportions there are many lift chair options to suit any size user. Lift chairs typically come in 3 different positions; 2 position, 3 position or infinite position chairs. You can also pay for upgraded features such as heat and massage for extra comfort. Fabric choices come down to far more than style preference. Lift chair fabrics come in varying options such as softness, spill proof, ease to clean, breathability, color and more. One of our experts at Suncoast Mobility would be happy to assist you in making the right choice for your lifestyle.

Once you have selected your lift chair become very familiar with the functionality before operating. Although they are very helpful in assisting the user when properly used, improper use can be dangerous. The controller will assist with lifting, lowering and reclining. Be sure to care for your controller and the mechanisms in the lift chair as not to spill on them and damage these integral parts of the unit. Be sure to thoroughly read through your user manual before use and call us or your technician with any questions you may have.


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