Home Care Bed Options

Home Care Bed Options

If you struggle with mobility due to aging, a disability, or injury a home care or hospital bed may be beneficial for you. Home care beds are a useful and necessary tool for those recovering from certain surgeries, in preventing injury, assisting the patient and caretaker with getting out of bed and into their mobility device, and prevent bedsores and discomfort that comes with prolonged bed rest. Speak to your doctor about whether a home care bed would be right for you. At Suncoast Mobility we have quite a few home care bed options that can be seen here.

Semi-Electric and Full-Electric Beds

A semi-electric bed controls the head and footrests of your bed but the raising and lowering of the height are done manually. A full-electric bed control the headrest, footrest, raises and lowers the bed automatically. A fully electric bed is beneficial for the user who needs help getting out of bed or has a higher fall risk. A full electric hospital bed is also a nice feature to have if you have the extra money to spend. Those who are on a budget can save a little money by selecting the semi-automatic option. The Merits Health Sleep-Ease Essential Semi-Electric Bed is a great cost-effective option Suncoast Mobility has to offer. The Merits Health Sleep-Ease Essential Full-Electric Bed has a slightly higher price point but is still a great value.

Low Beds

A low bed is a great option for those who are at higher risk of falling or have difficulty getting out of a taller bed. It is far easier to place your feet on the ground and transition to your mobility scooter or wheelchair from a low bed. Merits Health Sleep-Ease Low, Full Electric Low Bed is a great option. This bed is only 10” from the ground to eliminate the risk of injury and increase peace of mind. The headrest and footrest can still be adjusted for maximum comfort.

Lean Beds

The lean bed is one that has more motor clearance between the motor and bed frame allowing the headrest to lean further back. For people with neck, head, back, or abdominal discomfort or injuries, this can be a very helpful feature. This allows the entire bed to sit at an angle also known as the Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg position. The Merits Health Sleep-Ease Lean Bed is a great option. 

Bariatric Beds

A bariatric bed is an ideal selection for those that need a higher weight capacity. The bariatric home care bed has a heavy-duty frame and a larger sleep surface than a conventional bed. The Merits Health Sleep-Ease 600 Bariatric Bed is one we offer. The Sleep-Ease 600 has a 600 lb weight capacity, an all-steel construction, with a quiet and smooth operation.

It is best to speak to your healthcare provider about which option is best for you. Please give us a call for more information and to find the bed that would work best for you!


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