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Merits Health Sleep-Ease Lean Bed

  • Weight capacity: 450lbs

  •  Strongest base frame in the industry

  •  More motor clearance between motor and bed frame

  •  Reinforced head section

  •  Pivot points use self wrenching nut system

  •  Bed ends with composite panels

  •  Universal Hi-Lo rod

  •  Single motor (dual Motor) lifts head and foot, the other motor (Hi-Lo Motor) lifts the bed

  •  Split Spring Design

  •  Easy assembly with motor & electronics fully removable for easy cleaning of frame

  •  Trendelenberg & reverse Trendelenberg position capable

  •  Easy to use hand pendant for head or foot adjustment

  •  In case of power failure head and foot section can be lowered by inserting a 9V  battery on to the motor via simple connection