Complete Folding Mobility Scooter Guide for 2024

2024 Folding Mobility Scooter Guide

This guide was assembled to assist anyone just starting their research of folding mobility scooters. It includes everything you would need to know about these lightweight and convenient mobility scooters. To start we will overview a basic understanding of what a folding mobility scooter is and how it is different from your standard scooter. We will also discuss the various types of folding scooter which includes manual and automatic folding options. By reading this guide you will discover the many benefits of this scooters type and by the end you should be able to determine the best folding mobility scooter for your specific lifestyle.

We will explain why these scooters are so beneficial and how they can make your life easier. If you’re curious which folding scooter is the right for you we will also cover that too. Not to mention we’ll guide you on how to pick the right electric foldable scooter the first time.

We will also cover common problems you may see during ownership and also share tips on how to take care of your scooter after purchase. It is important to also know about your specific warranty and how we ship the scooter to you.

If at the end of this article you still have more questions one of our mobility experts would gladly assist you in getting these questions answered. This guide was created to give you as many details as possible that may be needed when considering which specific brand and model is right for your needs.

What is a Folding Mobility Scooter?

A folding mobility scooter is a battery powered transport aid designed to help people with mobility issues that can be easily folded for storage or transportation.  

A few of these foldable scooter models have two wheels close together in the front and two separate wheels at the back. Even though they technically have four wheels they perform and maneuver more like a 3-wheel scooter. This means a tighter turning radius which is ideal for tight spaces. The downside is they tend to be less stable than scooters with your standard spaced front wheels.

Most of the folding scooter models on the market are best for  smooth flat surfaces like airports, shopping centers, and doctors offices.  They aren't intended to be super fast or travel far distances without needed to be recharged. If you’re mostly planning to take your scooter on shopping trips a folding mobility scooter may be just what you need. Folding scooters don’t have suspension which means if you tackle bumpy terrain you may feel it more. Suspension is required to make the overall ride experience smoother. Folding mobility scooters usually have a low ground clearance and often times do not perform well on uneven terrain. If you are an outdoors person or live where there are uneven conditions, you may want to consider a less transport friendly device. When folded this type of mobility scooter becomes rather compact. This means they can be stored almost anywhere and they should fits in the trunks of most automobiles. 

Standard Scooters vs. Folding Mobility Scooters

Both standard and folding mobility scooters can assist people in getting around easier and faster. The biggest difference is obviously the folding mechanism. Folding scooters can either be manually folded by hand while others come with a convenient key fob and fold with the push of a button.

Since these devices fold you are able to store them in the back of a car or most anywhere in the house while not in use. Folding mobility scooters are almost always lighter than their standard counterparts. You can even take out the battery to make them even lighter than they already are. Automatic folding scooters usually consist of one piece, but for example, the Moving Life Atto can breakdown into two pieces. As of now you will never find transport folding scooter with weight capacity over 300 lbs. If over a 300 lb. weight capacity is needed we suggest looking into your more standard disassembling devices like the Buzzaround Extreme over folding units.

Standard mobility scooters are almost always bigger and don’t have the option to be folded. They are equipped more for everyday use because they are stronger and more stable. However, if you want to take them on the go, it is much more cumbersome because they are much bigger and heavier. If your standard mobility scooter doesn't disassemble a vehicle lift will most likely be needed. If you are someone who likes to travel and don't  have a ton of space around your home, a foldable mobility scooter may be better for you.

The 2 Types of Folding Mobility Scooters

Manual Folding Mobility Scooters

The video above features the EV Rider Transport Move. We wanted to provide you a visual aid so you can actually see how this foldable scooter actually operates. As you can see it is very simple and easy to use. Manual folding scooters are scooters you fold up by yourself.  They are extremely simple to use and are often times a little less heavy because it doesn’t include all of the extra parts to make it a automatic folding mobility aid. This usually means the manual fold scooters are slightly cheaper as well. If you are physically able to fold your scooter on your own and are on a tighter budget a manual fold scooter may be your best bet.

Automatic Folding Mobility Scooters

The above video features an in depth look at the automatic folding scooter called the EV Rider Trasnport 4AFThe video demonstrates how this type of scooters folds up all on their own with the push of a button. Some of these automatic folding mobility scooter models even come with a key fob remote control so you can fold them from a slight distance while others have a button on the scooter that performs the same function.

Auto foldable scooters are convenient for those who may struggle with the process of folding things manually. They may be a tad more expensive due to advanced features but majority of users prefer automatic due to the overall ease of use. If specifically need a automatic folding scooter that weighs less than 50 lbs. total we suggest the EV Rider Transport AF Plus. Coming in at only 49 lbs. total it is one of the lightest on the market and super portable.

The Benefits of a Folding Mobility Scooter

There are many benefits of owning a folding mobility scooter.

Easy to Transport 

They can folded and carried with you. They work on all modes of travel including, airline, car, bus, train, and cruise ship. This means they can come with you almost anywhere you may need to go.

Space Saver 

After these scooters are folded they take up very little space. This is critical when it comes to storage at home and on the go usage.

Regain Your Freedom 

You will be able to go about your day without little to no assistance. You will no longer relay on store models to shop or miss out on important plans with friends and family.

No Vehicle Lift Needed

You won't need to get a bigger vehicle or any special lift to transport it.

Less Expensive 

These mobility scooters are often times cheaper than some of the bigger bulky models. Which means they tend to be budget friendly.

Great Value 

If you ever need to sell your devices there is a steady demand because of all the features and how easy they are to use.


These scooters are battery powered and electric.

What is the Best Auto Folding Mobility Scooter?

The best  automatic folding mobility scooter is the Enhance Mobility Transformer 2 

Enhance Mobility Transformer 2 Automatic Folding Scooter in Black

Enhance Mobility Transformer 2 Automatic Folding Scooter in Black Half Folded

Enhance Mobility Transformer 2 Automatic Folding Scooter in Black Completely Folded

The Transformer 2 has four wheels which makes more stable than other automatic folding scooters on the market. It also features suspension and a 300 lb. weight capacity where most folding mobility scooters only offer a 250 lb. weight capacity with no suspension. It is also easily to move around at a total weight of 55 lbs. and also features a 13.5 mile drive range. The scooter folds with a push of a button on the key fob or by the buttons on the dash. It also comes in four colors: Black, Red, Blue, and Yellow.

What is the Best Manual Folding Mobility Scooter?

The best  manual folding mobility scooter is the Golden Technologies Buzzaround CarryOn

 Golden Technologies Buzzaround CarryOn in Blue

Golden Technologies Buzzaround CarryOn Disassembled

Golden Technologies Buzzaround CarryOn Folded Flat

The Buzzaround CarryOn is an ultra stable and super portable manually folding scooter. With its 300 lb. weight capacity, 18 mile drive range, and fold flat technology, it truly is on of the most transportable scooters on the market. It folds down to just 12" tall meaning it can be stored under beds at home and on cruise ships. After removing the seat this mobility scooter only weighs 47.5 lbs. making it perfect for on the go use. If you plan to travel via an airline you will need to purchase a travel battery as the 15 AH lithium battery is too large for aircraft. Despite having to add on an additional travel battery it is still more budget friendly than some of its competitors. 

Choosing The Right Foldable Electric Scooter

Picking the correct foldable electric mobility scooter the first time is super importation. You want it to fit you and your specific needs as perfectly as possible. Below are some tips to aid you find the correct one:

Where Will You Use It?

Will you be using it mostly outdoors, indoors, or a little of both? Certain electric folding scooters are intended for smooth surfaces like inside a shopping center or airport. On the other hand, other models can handle more bumpy terrain. If you plan to buy a mobility scooter with the main purpose of being used outdoors on different terrains we suggest looking at our heavy-duty options.

Consider the Wheels

If you need a tighter urning radius we do suggest a 3-wheel configuration. For added stability, mainly uneven surfaces, a 4-wheel folding scooters is highly recommended.

Battery Life

If you plan to use your foldable travel scooter for longer period of times you will want to heavily consider something with a longer travel range. We suggest researching this important specification before purchasing a new compact scooter. 

Overall Weight

The fact of the matter is some scooters are lighter than others. If you like to travel  and plan to be lifting it in and out of a car or onto public transport you need to consider the overall weight. Certain brands and models are lighter and more portable then others. You should also look into if any of the batteries like batteries and seats can be removed to make your new foldable scooter even lighter for lifting purposes.

Comfort Matters

If you plan to sit for long periods of time your comfort is of the upmost importance. Since compact travel scooters have a slimmer design to cut down the overall weight you may need to add a cushion to your seat. The Golden Technologies CarryOn is the only foldable scooter with a infinite adjustable tiller. This means the steering column can be adjusted to your specific comfort. You should also consider the ground clearance and if the mobility aid features suspension or not.

Check the Folded Dimensions

Checking the dimensions of the scooter after it has been folded is critical for transport and storage. Make sure it will fit into the spaces where you plan to store it inside your home and also the size of the vehicle you will travel with it in.

Your Budget

Like almost anything on the market there are a variety of prices. You should consider what features are most important to your lifestyle. After that narrow down which models fit into your budget and decide from there. Sometimes people may pay for brand or model that incorporates fancy features they don't really need.

Foldable Scooter Reviews

There are many places to read reviews on the products themselves and we think it's a good idea to see what other users are saying. You can also ask some friends or people in your community who are currently using such devices. Another solid piece of advice is to not just research models and brands, but to also look into the vendors and companies selling the products themselves. To take a closer at us, please visit our A+ accredited Better Business Bureau page here and our 5-star Google reviews here.

Limitations of Folding Scooters

There are a few limitations of folding mobility scooters and one of those is that they often times have low ground clearances. Sometimes they also have a shorter drive range and they usually don't feature suspension. For many these very few limitations do not override the pros of having a scooter they can take with them anywhere they do.

Considerations for Picking a Foldable Scooter

Selecting the correct folding mobility scooter the first time is super important. Here’s a guide to help you select the right one:

  • Easy to Fold
  • Budget Friendly
  • Overall Weight
  • Weight Capacity
  • Adjustable to Your Needs
  • Travel Range
  • Top Speed
  • Folded Dimensions
  • Gradient Climb
  • Simple to Use
  • Safety Features
  • Warranty
  • Service Agreement
  • Ground Clearance
  • Airline and Cruise Ship Approved


Are you have an issue with your foldable mobility scooter? We are not technicians but here are some of the most common issues possible ways you may be able to troubleshoot them:

Doesn’t Start

  • Battery: Be sure to check the charge level. If you haven’t used or charged your foldable mobility scooter in a long time the battery may be drained.
  • Wire Connections: Make sure all wires aren't broken or loose.

Battery Range Isn't Lasting Long

  • Over Charged: We urge you to follow the units instructions manuals on how to charge and condition your battery charging for too long. Do not overcharge your battery, it isn't healthy for them.
  • Battery Age: After many charge cycles your batteries do age. After you speak with a licensed technician they may suggest you invest in a new battery.

The Scooter is Too Slow

  • Weight Capacity: Be sure you aren't going over the weight capacity by carrying too many belongings like groceries.
  • Terrain: Foldable mobility scooters are intended for smooth flat surfaces. Folding mobility scooters usually don’t include suspension so hills or rough terrain can cause issues. 

Hard to Open or Close

  • Blocked: Make sure there isn't something blocking the travel scooter from folding and unfolding properly.
  • Needs Lubrication: The parts can get stuck because they need to be lubricated

Buttons Aren't Working

  • Connections: Make sure to check all buttons to be sure they are connected.
  • Older Buttons: If the scooter is old it is possible that the buttons are old and need to be replaced.

Making Noise

  • Debris in the Wheels: Check to see if anything anything is jammed into any of the wheels.
  • Tighten Up: Overtime it is possible some parts may become loose. Tightening these part can sometimes help.

    Brakes Aren't Working Right

    • Inspect the Brakes: They may be broken or worn out. Replace them if so.

    If you run into any of the above issues and our quick suggestions do not help we ask you to please check the scooters owner's manual. If none of the previous suggestions help you may want to contact the company you purchased through. If you purchased it through Suncoast Mobility please contact us directly. Oftentimes contacting a technician at the manufacturer will be your overall best bet.  Much like your car regular check-ups at a local shop can aid in keeping your foldable travel scooter in great shape.

    Maintenance for Your Foldable Scooter

    Proper care of your foldable mobility scooter after purchase is important. This maintenance ensures your scooter remains good condition enabling a reliable and long-lasting mobility aid. Even if you have a wonderful warranty and service plan included you do not want to skip the routine maintenance.

    Below are basic steps to keep your scooter operating smoothly:

    Routine Cleaning

    Remember to wipe down your scooter after each use. This is especially important if you’ve been out in dusty or rainy conditions. This helps prevent dirt and grime buildup and prevents potential damage.

    Battery Care

    Always do your best to keep your battery fully charged, but but at the same time do not overcharge. If you don't plan to use your scooter for a few weeks you should remove the battery and store it in a cool place. Lithium batteries need to be charged at least every couple of weeks to prevent deterioration. 

    Inspect Your Tires

    Look over the tires often for any signs of wear. If you have extensive wear it is recommended to replace them to be sure you have a smooth ride.


    Every so often you should lubricate the moving parts like hinges. This should prevent early wear and will aid in easier folding and unfolding.

    Storing Your Scooter

    Always store your scooter in a dry, cool place to prevent damage from the elements such as sun, rain, and wind. Proper care goes a long way in the extension of the life of your foldable scooter.

    Purchasing from Suncoast Mobility

    If you purchase your travel mobility scooter from Suncoast Mobility we are committed to supporting you long after your purchase. From the pre-sale questions to after purchase assistance, we are here for you. If you are having issues with your device reach out to us directly so we can assist you in any way we can. If your unit comes with a service agreement we may dispatch technician to address to diagnose and fix your device. Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us.

    Warranty, Shipping Policy, Terms & Conditions

    Foldable Scooters With The Best Warranty

    All mobility scooters come with a factory warranty and some include an in-home service agreement. The type of warranty depends on the brand of your new folding scooter. Brands like Golden Technologies, Enhance Mobility, and Shoprider, offer an in-home service agreement where a technician will come to you to diagnose and fix your device. EV Rider only offers a parts warranty. This means they will provide replacement parts under warranty, but you or a licensed tech may have to make the repairs.

    Shipping Policy for Folding Mobility Scooters

    Here at Suncoast Mobility we offer free shipping for most products within the lower 48 states. Shipping to HI, AK, and some USA territories would need to be quoted. Once a tracking number is assigned to your order you will be emailed so you can track your shipment on its way to you. It is important to inspect your delivery immediately arrival. We only get 24 hours to report any freght claims.

    Please contact us at 727-537-6275 for any questions after your purchase. Our number one goal is to provide a smooth and stress free purchase and shipping process. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

    Terms and Conditions

    A full refund is only granted if your order of a folding mobility scooter is canceled within 24 hours, only if your unit hasn't shipped. After 24 hours or after your mobility scooter has shipped you will need to start the return process. Please refer to our return policy for a more in-depth look at our complete policy. Below is a table of how long you get to process a return broken down by brand. 

    EWheels: Return must be requested within 14 days of delivery.

    Enhance Mobility: Return must be requested within 7 days of delivery.

    EV Rider: Return must be requested within 30 days of delivery.

    Golden Technologies: Return must be requested within 2 days of delivery. Lift chairs must be unopened, if opened they are nonreturnable.

    Shoprider: Return must be requested within 30 days of delivery.

    Merits Health: Return must be requested within 30 days of delivery.

    Please refer to our return policy for a more in-depth look at our complete policy.

    Folding Mobility Scooter FAQ

    Does Medicare pay for your scooter?

    Sometimes, Medicare does pay for mobility scooter only if your doctor says it’s absolutely necessary for your health. Remember that they may not cover every type of scooter including a lot of folding options. Medicare still doesn’t guarantee they’ll cover your purchase. Most of the time our clients pay for the scooter outright and later seek reimbursement.

    How do I fold a mobility scooter?

    To fold a mobility scooter you adjust and collapse its parts into its compact form. 

    General steps:

    1. Shut down the scooter and remove the key.
    2. If the scooter has a seat that moves be sure it’s facing forward.
    3. Lower down the seat to its lowest point.
    4. If the scooter seat is removable please remove it and set it to the side.
    5. If the tiller folds please fold down the tiller.
    6. If the mobility scooter has armrests you may need to collapse the armrests.
    7. Do a complete check for any other folding point that may need to be engaged to complete the folding.
    8. Gently guide the scooter into its compact form if it manually folds or push the key fob/ button to automatically fold the device.
    9. Be sure that all parts are locked into place to prevent them from opening during transport.

    Always refer to your user manual for specific instructions related to your model. The collapsing process varies by model and brand.

    How much is a folding mobility scooter?

    A folding mobility scooter usually costs between $1,700.00 to $3,000.00.

    Prices will vary based on the brand, model, and features.

    What is the lightest automatic fold mobility scooter?

    The lightest automating folding mobility scooter is the EV Rider Transport AF Plus. It weighs a total of 49 lbs.

    What is the best lightweight manual folding mobility scooter?

    The best lightweight manual folding scooter is the Golden Technologies Buzzaround CarryOn. Unlike many other scooters in its class it has 4 wheels for added stability while still staying 47.5 lbs. after removing the seat. It folds manually into an astonishing 12" tall. It can be ordered in blue and red.

    What is the best lightweight automatic folding mobility scooter?

    The best lightweight automatic folding scooter is the EV Rider Transport 4AF. Unlike many other scooters in its class it has 4 wheels for added stability while still staying just under 52 lbs. total. It folds automatically with the push of a button. It can be ordered in blue, red, and gold.

    What is the lightest folding mobility scooter that we offer?

    The lightest folding mobility scooter is the EV Rider Transport M. The Transport M only weighs a total of 42 lbs. which is one of the lightest on the market. This makes this foldable scooter one of these easiest to take on trips and for daily use. Despite it being extremely light it still has great features. It is airline approved, folds with ease, and can be taken almost anywhere.

    What is the smallest folding mobility scooter?

    The smallest folding mobility scooter available today is the EV Rider Gypsy Q2.  It features an overall length of 36″, width of 16″, and a height ranging 28″ to 36″ depending on how you adjust the tiller. Its ability to fold down to 25″ long, 16.5″wide, and 11″ height is extremely travel and storage friendly. 

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