Top 5 Power Lift Chair Recliners of 2024

You may not know exactly what a lift chair recliner is or who exactly benefits from one but the chances are you have seen one. This is because a lift chair looks no different from a standard recliner, but it has tons of additional features. Our article is designed to provide you with an overview of what exactly a lift chair is, what it’s used for, how it is used, and what the true benefits are. Our evaluation at Suncoast Mobility focused on the seat and back dimensions, upholstery options, recline positions, and multiple motors for independent movement of the back and footrests to aid in a variety of seat positions. Power lift recliners can drastically increase overall wellbeing for both disabled and able-bodied users and these are your best options for 2024.

What is a Power Lift Chair Recliner?

A lift chair is a functioning piece of medical equipment that looks almost identical to a standard recliner. The difference is that the lift chair contains a powered lifting system that can be controlled by remote to tilt the base and back forward to assist the user to a standing position. The user operates the lift chair by a remote rather instead of the standard lever or switch. There are a variety of names used to describe a lift chair recliner. You may see them marketed as power lift recliners, 2-position lift chairs,  3-position lift chairs, or infinite position lift chairs, but each of these terms falls under the umbrella of lift chairs.

Lift chair recliners will increase the quality of life for elderly, people with disabilities, any one who uses one. They allow the user to gradually reach a standing position in a safe manner. Most lift chairs have multiple positions for sitting, resting, watching tv /reading, and sleeping. Lift chairs are available in multiple sizes and designs styles including numerous optional features. The sizes range from small to large widths, petite to tall heights, and varies upholstery options. You also have to consider the number of positions and whether or not you want to add heat/vibrate heat, and extended footrest and other options. Lift chairs can be customized to suit your specific needs and built to to address your needs.

The Most Important Features to Consider

  • Positions. The number of positions your lift chair offers is critical to your comfort. This is, in our opinion, the most important thing to consider aside from the weight capacity. 
  • Upholstery. Do you eat or drink in your chair? Or does the person who will use the chair have incontinence issues? Brisa fabric is easily cleaned compared to standard fabrics.
  • Size and weight. You must consider the dimensions of your lift chair so it fits appropriately in the room of your choice. The weight capacity is also important as do not want to add extra stress onto your chair.
  • Additional Features. Some of these features include heat / vibrate, twilight positioning, USB port, pop out trays, and a foot rest extension. Some of these features may require the chair to be built.

    Top 5 Power Lift Chair Recliners of 2024




    Comfort Zones

    Size Options

    Golden Technologies PR515 lift chair recliner in coffee bean brisa.

    Golden Technologies



    5 Zones

    Small - Medium


    Golden Technologies PR761 lift chair recliner.

    Golden Technologies

    EZ Sleeper


    5 Zones


    Golden Technologies PR510 Cloud in hazelnut.

    Golden Technologies



    2 Zones

    Small - Medium


    Golden Technoloiges PR535-M26 extra wide lift chair recliner in oxford.

    Golden Technologies



    2 Zones







    Golden Technologies Dione PR446 lift chair recliner in Maple.

    Golden Technologies



    4 Zones



    Golden Technologies Cloud with Twilight 

    The Golden Technologies Cloud with MaxiComfort and Twilight lift chair recliner features zero gravity positioning which makes it one of the most comfortable lift chairs on the market. The seat rises at the same time that the chair reclines which allows you to stretch your lower back for your comfort. This device will recline far enough back so that your feet rise above your heart which can aid in reducing swelling in your legs, ankles, and feet. This position is perfect for individuals with lower back and some circulatory issues.

    The Golden Technologies PR515 comes standard their patented Twilight Technology. This provides a tilting motion that cradles your body allowing you to achieve extreme zero gravity, rejuvenate, and tv-watching positions while enjoying one of the world’s finest power reclining lift chairs. It comes complete with an adjustable headrest and lumbar support allowing you to customize your experience even further. This chair truly features the greatest array of rejuvenating positions for your ultimate comfort and relaxation. All Golden lift chairs come with a one-year in-home service contract that we pay for. 

    Golden Technologies Cloud PR515-MLA lift chair in coffee bean brisa.

    Seat Depth  Small Medium: 19" / Medium Large: 20"
    Width Between Arms Small Medium: 20" / Medium Large: 20"
    Overall Width Small Medium: 36" / Medium Large: 38"
    Overall Height Small Medium: 42" / Medium Large: 47"
    Weight Capacity Both Sizes: 375 lbs.


    Golden Technologies EZ Sleeper with Twilight

    The Golden Technologies EZ Sleeper PR-761 lift chair recliner features a 5-motor system that provides many rejuvenating positions including power lumbar support and power headrest. The patented Twilight positions relieve pressure points and assist in proper posture by supporting the natural share of your spine. The twilight system will cradle your body in weightless comfort making this one of the most comfortable lift chairs on the market. This allows you to experience how the three motor Twilight design shifts your body into a neutral state of relaxation. 

    Golden Technologies offer outstanding quality and craftsmanship that will take all any doubt or worry out of purchasing a new lift chair. The modern design of this chair means there is plentiful room for your legs and torso. The Sleeper also features a track arm which means as you recline the arms are still accessible for use. When most chairs recline they move the user away from the arms which can create discomfort. The arms are great for those who need a more stable base as well. All Golden lift chairs come with a one-year in-home service contract that we pay for. 


    Golden Technologies EZ Sleeper PR761 lift chair recliner.

    Seat Depth  21"
    Width Between Arms 22"
    Overall Width 34"
    Overall Height 44"
    Weight Capacity
    375 lbs.



    Golden Technologies Cloud 

    The Golden Technologies Cloud with MaxiComfort lift chair recliner features Golden's Zero Gravity positioning which makes it an insanely comfortable lift chair. The Zero Gravity positioning technology was developed by NASA and now Golden has included it in their extensive line of MaxiComfort lift chairs. The seat rises at the same time that the chair reclines which allows you to stretch out your lower back. You can recline far enough so that your feet rise above your heart which can reduce swelling in your legs, ankles, and feet. This position is ideal for anyone with lower back and circulatory issues.

    The Cloud PR-510 is now available with the option to add on the new full-body HeatWave Technology.  This new technology provides infrared heat from head to toe to provide soothing warmth that penetrates up to three inches into the skin and muscle as a therapeutic treatment right in your home.  The HeatWave hand control allows you to control three zones of heat (backrest, seat, and footrest), high or low heat setting and set a 30 or 60-minute timer. All Golden lift chairs come with a one-year in-home service contract that we pay for. 

    Golden Technologies Cloud PR510 lift chair in hazlenut.

    Seat Depth Small Medium: 19" / Medium Large: 20"
    Width Between Arms Small Medium: 18" / Medium Large: 20"
    Overall Width Small Medium: 34" / Medium Large: 38"
    Overall Height Small Medium: 41" / Medium Large: 48"
    Weight Capacity Both Sizes: 375 lbs.

    Golden Technologies Comforter with MaxiComfort

    The Golden Technologies Comforter lift chair series is now available in six sizes, including tall and extra wide. This means there is a size for everyone within this series. The Comforter lift chairs feature a plush, seamed backrest with lumbar support and a soft comfortable seat with the unique grip rite arm design. Every Comforter comes standard with Golden's patented MaxiComfort Technology for spinal alignment, back pressure relief, and improved circulation. 
    A button on the hand control allows you to access the Trendelenburg position which raises your feet higher than the head and heart which in turn relieves swelling in your feet and legs. All MaxiComfort chairs from Golden feature pre-programmed recline settings for TV watching and Zero-Gravity. The programmable buttons allow you save your favorite position for later making this chair that much easier and convenient. Please note that the medium extra-wide option does not offer Trendelenburg position while ordering. All Golden lift chairs come with a one-year in-home service contract that we pay for. 

    Golden Technologies Comforter PR535 lift chair in sterling.

    Seat Depth

    Petite Small: 19" / Medium: 19" / Large: 21" 

    Tall: 22" / Medium Extra Wide: 20" 

    Width Between Arms

    Petite Small: 20" / Medium: 20" /  Large: 22" 

    Tall: 22" / Medium Extra Wide: 27"

    Overall Width

    Petite Small: 32" /  Medium: 32" / Large: 34" 

    Tall: 34" / Medium Extra Wide: 37"

    Overall Height

    Petite Small: 40" / Medium: 42" / Large: 43" 

    Tall: 48" /  Medium Extra Wide: 45" 

    Weight Capacity

    Petite Small, Medium, Large, Tall: 375 lbs.

    Medium Extra Wide: 500 lbs.


    Golden Technologies Dione

    The Golden Technologies Dione infinite position lift chair operates with four motors and reclines to an almost flat position. Separate motors operate the back, footrest, Power Lumbar Pillow and Power Headrest. This allows for a wide variety of positioning for your ultimate comfort. The Dione also features padded arms and a contoured bucket seat to enhance your comfort further. The standard four-zone Comfort Zone positioning technology provides a supportive reclining experience.

    The Dione offers a Power Headrest that allows you to fully recline and bring only your head up to watch TV or read a book. The backrest offers an independent Power Lumbar Pillow that will allow you to adjust the lumbar area for lower back pain relief. The independent back and legrest motors allow you to stay in an upright position while still having your legs up at the same time. This is ideal for those that need to keep their feet elevated but do not want to fully recline. All Golden lift chairs come with a one-year in-home service contract that we pay for.  

    Golden Technologies Dione PR446 in Maple lift chair recliner.

    Seat Depth Medium: 21" / Large: 21"
    Width Between Arms Medium: 20" / Large: 22.5"
    Overall Width Medium: 34" / Large: 35"
    Overall Height Medium: 43.5" / Large: 46"
    Weight Capacity Both: 375 lbs.


    We hope you have learned something by reviewing what we consider some of the best lift chair recliners of 2023. If you are interested in related articles our mobility experts have compiled a great list of mobility scooters that are airline approvedBest Off-Road Mobility Scooters Of 2023, and the best lift chairs for seniors. Not to mentions our experts have reviewed some of the industries best scooters such as the Buzzaround CarryOn, EV Rider AF Plus, and the Transformer 2.

    Our team of mobility experts here at Suncoast Mobility are available by email at or by phone at 727-537-6275. Call or email us today to take advantage of your special discount.

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